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Beth Gibbons

Beth Gibbons

Published on 3 years ago

Beth Gibbons & the Polish National Radio Symphony - 'Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3' out now on Domino Record Co.
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Humberto Mariano Humberto Mariano . 2 weeks ago
Incríveis essa voz, essa entrega, essa orquestra 👏👏👏 Muito bom ver gente talentosa da musica pop trazendo para nós as belezas da música clássica. Obrigado!!!
Leaf N'Lore Leaf N'Lore . 2 months ago
Thank you for introducing me to one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.
k1000 k1000 . 3 months ago
My gosh Beth! I'm speechless! You are a Goddess. I love you!!
Gui Porto Gui Porto . 4 months ago
"Mamo, nie płacz, nie
Niebios Przeczysta Królowo
Ty zawsze wspieraj mnie
Zdrowaś Mario"

"Mother, do not cry, no
Most pure, Queen of Heaven
Protect me always
Hail Mary"

---- Poem by Polish girl Helena Błażusiakówna. She scratched it on a cell wall after being arrested by Nazis in 1944.
Madeline96 Madeline96 . 6 months ago
Wow. Piękne 🧡
alex fernando Huenten alex fernando Huenten . 7 months ago
beatrice18sma beatrice18sma . 7 months ago
akaite puters akaite puters . 7 months ago
All due respect. The vocal of Zofia from the other version is so powerful, with a vibrato available high and low... It makes the whole arrangement different, better for me. Try that.
Geoff Chambers Geoff Chambers . 7 months ago
My first experience last week hearing Beth Gibbons. It came up on my Amazon channel. I immediately wrote the song down as Beth’s beautiful, emotional voice captured me. Now I listen every day to this phenomenal composition which is only made perfect with Beth’s heartfelt voice.
papatya zambak papatya zambak . 7 months ago
R M R M . 8 months ago leave me bloody speechless.
TropicIslandpopartist TropicIslandpopartist . 9 months ago
Dear Beth, if this your channel please give us more.. We miss your voice - David.
Neil Attridge Neil Attridge . 11 months ago
Henryk’s master piece and my favourite female singer, stunning.
Want To Say AD REM Want To Say AD REM . 1 year ago
Beautiful, simply beautiful
1fairhurst 1fairhurst . 1 year ago
still gives me tingles this Beth ..and also tears,lovely
Tony Coia Tony Coia . 1 year ago
Just outstanding. Absolutely outstanding
Luciano Oliveira Luciano Oliveira . 1 year ago
Voz maravilhosa de uma das melhores artistas "não-conhecidas"... Aqui no Brasil então... Estamos muito distantes de tamanho bom gosto! Beth Gibbons... Portishead... Música de verdade.
Un arcobaleno intorno al sole Un arcobaleno intorno al sole . 1 year ago
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat⁉️ Partyieshead🤯
John Devine John Devine . 1 year ago
Unbelievable. This is one of the most emotional and moving pieces of music that has ever been written. I was unaware of this version until today. She more than nails it and leaves me with tears in my eyes.
Oneal Spence Oneal Spence . 1 year ago
Literally had to stop everything that I was doing today. And just take time out for a bit. Oh my god
Monika Czechowski Monika Czechowski . 2 years ago
I am polish and lyrics make me literally cry as a baby. All the love in her voice makes me cry even more.
Cinemage Cinemage . 2 years ago
One of the best piece ive heard in my life
Inverness Fan Inverness Fan . 2 years ago
This is a powerful piece of music.
Cloudtower Photography Cloudtower Photography . 2 years ago
As soon as I saw this pop up on YouTube, I knew she'd nail it. And she did.
Rhino Gaming Rhino Gaming . 2 years ago
This is the most beautiful performance I've seen in a long long time.
Hugh McNaught Hugh McNaught . 2 years ago
God is grief.
Rafal P Rafal P . 2 years ago
But why youtube decides to play ads in the middle of it? For f’s sake!
Elbnymphe Elbnymphe . 2 years ago
Ohne Worte 🙏
Giuseppe RSA Giuseppe RSA . 2 years ago
This is quite possibly one of the most incredible renditions of this particular piece of music that I've ever heard. From Giuseppe in Cape Town South Africa xxx
Analog Earthquake Analog Earthquake . 2 years ago
This is the worst interpretation of this masterpiece I have ever heard ☹️
Marcin Marcinski Marcin Marcinski . 2 years ago
pięknie dziękuję :)
Karl Gregg Karl Gregg . 2 years ago
Incredible. This brings back my wonderful wife, now gone for 5 years. She always wept at the inhuman idea that anyone could slaughter small children. It's me who's crying now at this awful memory when I was a youth in WWII.
Kaniela Miel Kaniela Miel . 2 years ago
I am crying
Crypto Tonight Crypto Tonight . 2 years ago
Her voice has so much intrinsic pain and sadness without wallowing in anger and yet hopeful all at the same time.
Crypto Tonight Crypto Tonight . 2 years ago
Couldn't think of a vocalist that would be more perfect for this piece.
Pedro Canhenha Pedro Canhenha . 2 years ago
Carlos André Carlos André . 2 years ago
Tony Martin Tony Martin . 2 years ago
"The World At War" programme used this beautiful music but only the start where the strings play that soleum,haunting piece for the Jewish people of the concentration camps,It's so sad but beautiful music.
Pilar Herrera Pilar Herrera . 2 years ago
Que bello es escuchar la voz de Beth acompañada con música instrumental 💕
Leytonobando Leytonobando . 2 years ago
Vasileios Filis Vasileios Filis . 2 years ago
Leonardo Hernandez Sanchez Leonardo Hernandez Sanchez . 3 years ago
Me pone la piel de gallina con esa interpretación la amó 😘
миу миу . 3 years ago
Oh, good Lord it touched my soul so deeply.. it's so sooo beautiful...

I can't decribe how grateful I am for people like you who live here with us, belong us, and make this life wonderful, and make our lives worth living.
Anas Suhaimi Anas Suhaimi . 3 years ago
Hi Beth!
Ivelina Pancheva Ivelina Pancheva . 3 years ago
so much sadness... no one sang this piece so heartbreakingly before
SixStringUk SixStringUk . 3 years ago
I was clicking through artists on Spotify and noticed that Beth had something new. 10 minutes after listening through it I had an LP ordered. That's that.
Shield OfHope Shield OfHope . 3 years ago
very moving! :))))
pannekoeken2 pannekoeken2 . 3 years ago
25 years after being blown away by "dummy" im still a big fan , you are amazing!
ol ol . 3 years ago
This is so beautifuuuuuuul
Alex Nagy Alex Nagy . 3 years ago
De régóta nem hallottam róla semmit... Ez aztán a "visszatérés"!
Erre nincsenek szavak. Beth <3 Thank you for living!!!

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