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So Boom TV

So Boom TV

Published on 1 year ago

So Boom Saweetie - Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]

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Haille Taylor Haille Taylor . 1 month ago
Not surprised by middle dudes reaction. Some men really have fragile egos. Hopefully you’re past that childish toxic masculinity but I doubt it.
Jay Taylor Jay Taylor . 2 months ago
buddy sound like he wanna be queen bach🤣
rosyjay85 rosyjay85 . 4 months ago
It’s always the guy in the middle with an attitude or being rude… makes it hard to enjoy the other two…🙄
John Morris John Morris . 4 months ago
I agree with dude on the right doja made the song great, it was just ok without her. Not exactly trash but not amazing.
Astruh Astruh . 7 months ago
the guy in the middle is always pressed about something like stfu already
vrcni vrcni . 9 months ago
why the guy in the middle so pressed about the intro, it ain’t that deep 😭
itscooltobeyou itscooltobeyou . 9 months ago
I think they need to have a group meeting and tell the middle guy it's just not working for the group dynamic anymore🤣
Alice Muylaert Alice Muylaert . 10 months ago
Anitta's next song "Faking Love" will release this Thursday (14th Oct). With Saweetie
Reezus Solis Reezus Solis . 12 months ago
That middle dude has mass shooter energy
Rafael Rafael . 12 months ago
"why they do my son like that tho?" well maybe cause hes a sucker talking bs to 2 strange girls that just wanted to have some space????????
Rafael Rafael . 12 months ago
the guy in the middle is soooooo sexist, it's almost scary
Harley Genovy Harley Genovy . 1 year ago
You need to react to Doja cats Juicy video
I like the women empowerment. The whole message was an illumination to the guy in the mid lmao 😂😂
SkitwthD SkitwthD . 1 year ago
Doja the princess
PEPPI PEPPI . 1 year ago
The middle one feeling attacked lmao
Cindy Gomez Cindy Gomez . 1 year ago
Why I'm getting one blue pill and two red pill vibes hahaha songs trash because the message is you can't have it hahaha
Edward Edward . 1 year ago
This middle man has always got an issue with doja cat. Like gtfo over it
LA_tx LA_tx . 1 year ago
that middle guy so butthurt at the beginning LOLOL bruh case in point
zakiyy bantum zakiyy bantum . 1 year ago
liked already
jury moon jury moon . 1 year ago
The dude in the middle is sus I mean lowkey your misogynistic energy is flowing
Milow is grossTM Milow is grossTM . 1 year ago
The ENTIRE point of the beginning flew over the middle guys head lmao, mans was like ''they bashing them'' but the whole point was he walked over to them and started spouting all that ''I'm not like those OTHER MEN'' bullshit, and acting like he was an ally when all he was tryna do was hit on them. We know exactly what type of person they're talking about, and people do that bullshit all the time.
tricky baee tricky baee . 1 year ago
boy in the middle is pressedddddd lmao
akasha whitehawk akasha whitehawk . 1 year ago
Bruh that man's ego was very damaged and clearly women intimidate you 😌
Kgomotso Plaatjies Kgomotso Plaatjies . 1 year ago
Middle dude is so annoying and also full of himself🙄
_Mystical.boysss _Mystical.boysss . 1 year ago
When you swear you’re not the man they’re referring to but get in your feelings about the “message”. If the shoe doesn’t fit, why you still trying to put it on. Chile the foolery 😂😂
Nouf Nouf . 1 year ago
he got hurt cause he's one of them lol I've seen other guys react and a lot of them were laughing and saying "I know these kind of dudes I hate them" and that's the normal reaction
Carlos Carlos . 1 year ago
The dude in the middle always gets pressed so quick 🤣
Paige Sands Paige Sands . 1 year ago
Horrible reaction. Guy in the middle is a perfect example of a mysognastic asshole. Great job fitting the stereotype! Makes the message stronger. Guy on the left your reaction was cool. Liked your vibe. Totally agree with you. Guy on the right is just a dick.
Jaylin.B_tv Jaylin.B_tv . 1 year ago
React to Doja cat rules
Kari Kari . 1 year ago
Stickman high asf and I love it
єяιкα єяιкα . 1 year ago
can yall react to polo g for my fans freestyle
Stavroula H. Stavroula H. . 1 year ago
React to Demi Lovato Dancing with the Devil🦋
Indian Rexhar Indian Rexhar . 1 year ago
React to Sacrifice by Bebe Rexha 🔥💕
Mimmy Mimmy . 1 year ago
I loved your reaction❤️
Princela Okain Princela Okain . 1 year ago
React to Doja cat rules pleasseeeeeee
Siaa Hale Siaa Hale . 1 year ago
I knew the dude in the middle was gonna be a sissy about the intro😭😭💀
Life With Nysha Life With Nysha . 1 year ago
React to Rules by Doja Cat
V Minajj V Minajj . 1 year ago
Saweetie 🔥🔥🔥
Meme Chanel Meme Chanel . 1 year ago
Y’all should do movie reactions too?
theemajorkea BRAND theemajorkea BRAND . 1 year ago
Rules by Doha 🥰 you fw her hard
Ashar Ashar . 1 year ago
One in middle is pressed like a spacebar 🤣🤣
AG. Squad AG. Squad . 1 year ago
He said is that a Lambo 💀 that’s a a Tesla 😭😭😭
Blackbird Hair Blackbird Hair . 1 year ago
Lmao the point in the beginning is that the dude was saying all that just to hit on them. He was doing "I'm not like those OTHER dudes objectifying you" when he was in fact doing that and came over with the same intentions just in dressed up language. Which is a thing dudes do. Women know exactly the kind of dude they were talking about.
Naomi Bosley Naomi Bosley . 1 year ago
react to let me love you Ariana Grande ft Lil Wayne
Shahed Hammad Shahed Hammad . 1 year ago
Please react to Ariana grande ft big Sean live on iheart radio
Sam I Sam I . 1 year ago
Let Me Love You By Ariana Grande Ft Lil Wayne
Lin Eats ASMR Lin Eats ASMR . 1 year ago
middle dude in his feelings over a dude per usual
Diegosbutterknife Diegosbutterknife . 1 year ago
Saweetie can’t rap to me , so yeah doja saved it to me. But overall the song is hype with them together n I have it on my phone already.
cachet burton cachet burton . 1 year ago
React to Doja cat rules !!
Mia Siddo Mia Siddo . 1 year ago
React to Doja cat rules you’ll be impressed she’s got great versatility

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