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Published on 1 year ago

🌵The version with no music is here.

Long time no see, everyone! Today I bring you the first video of the Study with me Tokyo Tower series.


0:00 - INTRO
1:00 - session #1
48:53 - Tokyo Tower light-up
1:01:00 - break
1:16:00 - session #2
2:16:00 - OUTRO


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🙋🏻‍♂️ ABOUT ME

My name is Abao. I am a Chinese student living in Tokyo, Japan.🗼 I am currently studying at Waseda University. In this channel, I mainly post 📚 STUDY WITH ME videos, and 🤳my life as an international student in Japan. Some of my old videos are in Chinese only, but my recent video are all in both Chinese & English.

Because of COVID, we all had to study alone at home. I hope my videos will make you feel less lonely.🌿 Although we can't travel easily now, I hope I can show you beautiful scenery 🌉 through my videos. :)

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阿鲍Abao 阿鲍Abao . 1 year ago
👋🏼 How do you like the music? 🎷
Please like this comment to let me know!

If some music distract you


0:00​ - INTRO
1:00​ - session #1
48:53​ - Tokyo Tower light-up
1:01:00​ - break
1:16:00​ - session #2
2:16:00​ - OUTRO
kimnguyen nguyen kimnguyen nguyen . 2 days ago
nghe rất hay nó giúp mik tập trung vào việc học hay việc làm
Phương Trần Phương Trần . 4 days ago
A gdtmqt
Vivian 薇薇安 Vivian 薇薇安 . 4 days ago
幾乎每條歌都好聽,音質也非常好。戴著耳機聽簡直是一種享受。 我有上千的歌,但這一輯我每個星期都會聽一兩次。 非常感謝!!!
あーー! あーー! . 6 days ago
The Betta The Betta . 1 week ago
question, what is that tiny laptop ?
Hilall Hilall . 1 week ago
Videolarına bayılıyorum, hepsi çok estetik ve güzel çalışmalarımda beni çok motive ediyor. Videolarının çoğunu izledim gerçekten harikasın, çalışmalarının devamını dilerimm
ratinho agiota ratinho agiota . 2 weeks ago
que saco eu já ia desistir e volta a dormir, mas depois de ler esses comentários eu vou continuar

caso você tmb esteja pensando em desistir
não desista meu consagrado , vamo terminar essa batalha ate o final
eu e voce <3 topa??

edit [ obrigada a todos que deixam comentarios positivos aqui tmb <3 ]
BEST LOFI BEST LOFI . 2 weeks ago
AMAZING view & such beautiful soft piano
Lacey Qiu Lacey Qiu . 2 weeks ago
Nguyễn Thuận Nguyễn Thuận . 2 weeks ago
DashaDasha DashaDasha . 3 weeks ago
Wow, it's new for me to have a part of 60 minutes for my concentration. But it was really good. Thank you for that. 💪📝
Marjia Mithi Marjia Mithi . 3 weeks ago
This is the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen..
喬喬 莊 喬喬 莊 . 3 weeks ago
Ana Gabriela Ana Gabriela . 4 weeks ago
Amei o vídeo ótimo para quem quer estudar
05.Aaditya N Thosar 05.Aaditya N Thosar . 4 weeks ago
I have a science test tomorrow and soo m studying chem !!!!!
artıkolamamsenle artıkolamamsenle . 4 weeks ago
sanırım tek türk benim.. ')
nadia lagrutta nadia lagrutta . 1 month ago
thank you my dear Abaocito for putting these videos together. You are my favourite study buddy. I'm writing a sakubun at the moment. Take care !
Lê Khang Nam Lê Khang Nam . 1 month ago
I want to spend more time studying with you. Focus 100%. Pls update more video and thank u so much!
Pham Lien Pham Lien . 1 month ago
Beautiful song my mother like this anh so do I :) thank for this song I hope I can listen some song prepect like this :Đ 🌝
Help me reach 1k subs with only 1 video Help me reach 1k subs with only 1 video . 1 month ago
In session 1 I was doing some history questions on the Indus valley civilization
In session 2 I was making a compass rose and learning Spanish for periodic test
Btw excellent music helped much to focus!
From India
Samuel Levin Samuel Levin . 1 month ago
Anyone know where he got his songs from in this video? I know the description is probably a sponsor and you can find the music elsewhere.
J P J P . 2 months ago
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All for the sake of proper body development, stress regulation, improved productivity for both employees and employers, avoid melatonin production throughout the day, accident preventions, healthy vitamin D surplus, reduced eyestrain, I assure you the list goes on...

The information was great! Let me know if you want the reference.

<3 :)
Rob Rob . 2 months ago
maruuuuuuuuu maruuuuuuuuu . 2 months ago
Please tell me the first music
Nothing Nothing . 2 months ago
This is so cute! <3
Sharipov Umid Sharipov Umid . 2 months ago
what does he do who knows i mean his occupation
R R . 2 months ago
pwn _V pwn _V . 2 months ago
thank you.
Sarah_ Sarah_ . 2 months ago
You lucky than a most of people so keep going and don’t thinking that u can’t do it( U can do it🎉)
Celine Celine . 2 months ago
Studying is so interesting. It is so interesting I need to listen to this study with me music to keep myself focussed
fn fn fn fn . 2 months ago
SOSummer 21 SOSummer 21 . 2 months ago
ふぇあり ふぇあり . 2 months ago
Elieoni - Elieoni - . 2 months ago
With that view I could spend countless hours enjoying my study is so nice.
柯鈞媚 柯鈞媚 . 2 months ago
yang Ellie yang Ellie . 2 months ago
I'm learning Ielts right now, it is so stressful.
Akansha's Artistic zone Akansha's Artistic zone . 2 months ago
Today I am studying statistics and valency. And these videos of yours make me keep going.
Lane Lane . 2 months ago
😈 MR. KHANAK 😈 😈 MR. KHANAK 😈 . 2 months ago
I want to study with your place together
Lily_drawsart Lily_drawsart . 2 months ago
Currently at this point of my life where it has all fallen apart and although am tired, I am really trying to get back up. Both mentally, physically and with my studies
Pham Lily Pham Lily . 2 months ago
Camila Vilela Camila Vilela . 2 months ago
I was miss you. I am with
you now.
I am a first year student in collage and I am really struggling with physics and calculus as my main subject during my first semester due to the pandemic that recently had just been ceased, because of this reason every student is forced to study online and it is a awful situation for me because I cannot afford my own computer or laptop. just about 3 weeks ago that I have finally bought my own laptop but unfortunately i wasn't able to caught up in physic and yeah.....i will have a semester on 28th this month. hope god help me
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Repent and believe in Jesus Christ . 3 months ago
Repent to Jesus Christ
“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭3:15‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Thị Ngọc Quỳnh Hoàng Thị Ngọc Quỳnh Hoàng . 3 months ago
With your videos, I can't stop studying, that is amazing !!!!! Your channel helps me a lot in this hard period. Thank you from bottom of my heart ^^ I especially love the videos having street view. It's relaxed to see the scene. In my area, it's hard to find a position like that, except for hotel.
oyun oyuncu oyun oyuncu . 3 months ago
💗 this pomodoro is so good💓
Suchit Mehta Suchit Mehta . 3 months ago
I don't know why I always waste my time and then regret too much
I know I should study but still
I am tired of being disturbed
Also by peoples (off course not intentionally) around me
The comments here inspires me a lot
Currently I am at home for vacations but i would go back to my school which is residential after 5-6 days. I would miss studying with you all.

Also thanks to all of you for being with me studying all along.
Request : please inspire me to do my best when I would be in the school.

Sorry for bad English
ÑÍÑO ÑÍÑO . 3 months ago
𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝑳𝒐𝒇𝒊 𝑪𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝑳𝒐𝒇𝒊 . 3 months ago
This is perfect for wrapping up the final week! Thank you. ❤️

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