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Published on 2 months ago

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FutureHype FutureHype . 2 months ago
*Where's everyone listening from?* 🎶

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Lia Damayanti Lia Damayanti . 5 days ago
Jomo Nyoni Jomo Nyoni . 1 week ago
C B C B . 2 weeks ago
this song needs one more rapper on it its too short or another verse from one of these clowns lol fire track it grew on me
Misty Misty . 2 weeks ago
I love Drake
Ranesh Wickramatillake Ranesh Wickramatillake . 2 weeks ago
The hi-hat/bass combo 🔥😩🥂
Ogochukwu Richard Ogochukwu Richard . 3 weeks ago
Ranecci Hampton Ranecci Hampton . 3 weeks ago
Staying alive
Dennis Vidot Dennis Vidot . 3 weeks ago
I love you all no matter what no homo
Voltron Doji Voltron Doji . 3 weeks ago
why are people saying this song trashy
Raymond Nguyen Raymond Nguyen . 3 weeks ago
Thank God Robin and Maurice don’t have to hear this
BlackBlade BlackBlade . 4 weeks ago
This is one of my fav songs and part of my fav album which is god did this stuff just 🔥🔥Nothing else to be said
Zig A Zig A . 4 weeks ago
My brother is listening to this song he love song so much
Collin Shelton Collin Shelton . 1 month ago
Could you send us the link for this is crazy to have a great day to the point of a
Derek Corbin Derek Corbin . 1 month ago
This is my shit!!! Beat goes to hard!!!
Sp Moto Sp Moto . 1 month ago
Lil baby made me feel crazy 😘❤️
JSHipHop Rapper Maromba JSHipHop Rapper Maromba . 1 month ago
Mako Life Mako Life . 1 month ago
Umar Malik Umar Malik . 1 month ago
They didnt believed in us GOD DIDDDDD!!
Gazi Rahimul Hasan Gazi Rahimul Hasan . 1 month ago
Ali Taher Ali Taher . 1 month ago
Is it bad that only drake gives me nirvana
Bounty3point0 Bounty3point0 . 1 month ago
xDUVALxCounty xDUVALxCounty . 1 month ago
They're clearly sating "I, I, I, I'm "
not "Ah" smh
This life it allowed me to take what I want it’s not like I know what I want 🤞🏽🖤
Lil baby shouldn't of bin on this song it don't fit if anything Drake should of did this solo
K H K H . 2 months ago
I never liked Lil Baby and now I'm officially done with this guy. Ruined the song.
LUNDI LUNDI . 2 months ago
Made an rnb cover for this song! Check it out if you want! Team Drizzy forever 🦉
Choi Danny Choi Danny . 2 months ago
I'm here bcs Fabio Quartararo 😁
Jay JiGGa Jay JiGGa . 2 months ago
bruh DJ khaled goes beyond music, this man could put together a whole symphony lol. Track is fire tho, it's a hit straight up. Ima be on top like this one day. This month I released three new music videos to get my name out there. To anyone that takes the time out of their day to show love and support, I will forever be thankful ❤️
Macky4911 Macky4911 . 2 months ago
Dude cannot come up with nothing original anymore hope he asked the BGs for they lyrics because if not lawsuits coming
Ikechi Onyenaka Ikechi Onyenaka . 2 months ago
I just uploaded my Sax Cover for 'Staying Alive'🎷. Let me know your thoughts! #GodDid
Robel Gayo Robel Gayo . 2 months ago
wanted me to cry wanted me to die Dj kahaled another one uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu🤟✌✌✌✌👌👌
Alexander Chaplin Alexander Chaplin . 2 months ago
This vsong is terrible, lazy and under performs. For all you GenZ tiktokers go upstream and listen 🎶 to DJ Khaled and drakes collabs from 2012-2018 then you'll understand why this sucks
saliM Milas saliM Milas . 2 months ago
Drake killed it again , this dude ain't a normal human. And the beat is just fire
Mike Mike 3286 Mike Mike 3286 . 2 months ago
Its not bad at all i like it. ..but alot of the song is .".aah aah aah. Im staying alive ....staying alive " lol
D F D F . 2 months ago
Fuck dj Khalid should have had future on this shit
PizzaBagel47 PizzaBagel47 . 2 months ago
Again Drake doing it again letting lil baby take the spot like n can tell Drake didn't like it cuz he cut baby off n started the chorus again 😂 but y Drake ain't wanting to go in on a song especially with his day one Khaled 🤔🤔 is Drake done trying🤔🤔 ???
Juan Munoz Juan Munoz . 2 months ago
Winners DNA Winners DNA . 2 months ago
This shit is crack
AΩ . 2 months ago
THE KING THE KING . 2 months ago
Drake should hop on this
NFN josh NFN josh . 2 months ago
My music will definitely have a place in the Rap Industry‼️🔥
Daiquan Allen Daiquan Allen . 2 months ago
DJ KHALED we the best music another one
Daiquan Allen Daiquan Allen . 2 months ago
Came out yesterday
Professor Hulk Professor Hulk . 2 months ago
Dee Wheats Dee Wheats . 2 months ago
Trash 🗑
Іван Давидченко Іван Давидченко . 2 months ago
We need more capybaras
Darryl Sinaga Darryl Sinaga . 2 months ago
This song just too lazy, they could did so much better effect n adlibs
Kidd Atari Kidd Atari . 2 months ago
Drake didn’t miss with this Jawn dj Khaled picked the right jawn
iRepGhana iRepGhana . 2 months ago
Y'all will dick ricde anything. Nothing original about this song. Same recy flows ..etc🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

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