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Kamikaze Music

Kamikaze Music

Published on 2 months ago

Eminem - Curtain Call 2 Lyrics (Official Video) 2022 Unrelesed

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Kamikaze Music Kamikaze Music . 2 months ago
*Enjoy it! Comment, rate and check my channel ! Let me know your thoughts in comments!*
Nathan D Nathan D . 7 hours ago
Bro you might not be Eminem but you killed this beat fair play mate love from UK♥️
creatures lurking in the night creatures lurking in the night . 2 days ago
Thats zero
Pat rap rät and noby Pat rap rät and noby . 1 week ago
Shouldt advertise this like its eminem...
All AI, crypted songs with him is ridiculous.

This is pretty Good But not like eminem would release a track without bars in it...
MarinaThe Prophetess MarinaThe Prophetess . 1 week ago
Wtfuuuuuuck I believe in Nina Skyyyy is this gen-x rated uugghhhhhhhhhh
shane and huevo shane and huevo . 1 week ago
James Robertson James Robertson . 1 week ago
Is Eminem even on this track!?
James Robertson James Robertson . 1 week ago
Sounds like an old Canibus.....
Angel Robledo Angel Robledo . 2 weeks ago
I love this 👽 😺 🐉
Wendy-louise Bowyer Wendy-louise Bowyer . 2 weeks ago
I remember when i was 13 and went out with my birthday money and brought the Marshall Mathers LP.. i came back home turned it on on my old cd player lol (showing my age now lol) got a few songs in , then all i heard was footsteps running up the stairs,, and my dad coming into my room watching me sing kim.. end of the story is that he took it off me, absolutely crying my heart out . And then he only went and listened to it himself!!! I hated him for that for a long time . He still got the cd now.. but it didnt stop me being a fan from day one..
Todd Masters Todd Masters . 2 weeks ago
Wtf who is that
Erlee 1995 Andrews Erlee 1995 Andrews . 2 weeks ago
Jennifer Kleber Jennifer Kleber . 2 weeks ago
No questions about whom.Its face to face we should speak.Love still here
This isn't even Eminem wtf
Von Blaq Von Blaq . 2 weeks ago
be yourself. youll never be noticed hiding in eminems shadow
The The "Jersey Wizard" at Lion Knight Productions . 3 weeks ago
Was that the black dragon(Jersey Devil on the flying around in the first ten seconds of your video). Yeah btw I thought about looking for it because I believed the Lenape folklore about it being popousing(sentry/protector of the pine barrens). Well idk if I found it but saw something much worse last week. A skinwalker(a skull masked mangy wolf with glowing red eyes) and that scared the shit outve me. I had nonstop anxiety until I went to church the next Sunday and prayed as hard as I could. Nah if I see that skinwalker again I’m killing the fucking thing!
Jeremy Cassidy Jeremy Cassidy . 3 weeks ago
Would absolutely never bump this. This is garbage
MrWick MrWick . 3 weeks ago original song
MrWick MrWick . 3 weeks ago
so you just using zeros music for all your stuff then ...
Shane Murphy Shane Murphy . 3 weeks ago
This is actually really dope man, you should do your own thing bro. You got flows for real and your writing is on point.
neeru sharma neeru sharma . 3 weeks ago
It's not a Eminem its zero official checkout
Federico Ventimiglia Federico Ventimiglia . 3 weeks ago
Seems likes zero, anothet Detroit rapper
Phil Robinson Phil Robinson . 3 weeks ago
Who the hell is this?
David Ruble David Ruble . 3 weeks ago
I thought this was supposed to actually be em but after listening I’m like damn did he record this with a cold? Also his lyrical aptitude really took a dip but then I realize this couldn’t possibly be em. After looking at the comments I’m relieved to see I’m not wrong. After knowing for sure I can say this is a pretty decent song for a regular guy lol
Walter Sobchack Walter Sobchack . 3 weeks ago
Sharpen it up, sounds too pill and drunk up.

Too hard a beat for this slow of a rap, you don’t have the cadence to match the beat and it sounds off to me.

All brings around to just really smooth out and practice those edges, less piano more percussion type vocal delivery.

Good rap song all in all 😎
Ted Beeziase #ThoGang Ted Beeziase #ThoGang . 3 weeks ago
Just gonna throw up Crip on the thumbnail huh.. you got it
Purge Purge . 3 weeks ago
Not Eminem. Shit is annoying.
George Blake George Blake . 3 weeks ago
Using someone else's name for the view boooooooohhh
Lemon Tree Lemon Tree . 3 weeks ago
White America, i could be one of your kid.
Paul Shelley Paul Shelley . 3 weeks ago
WTEF!!?? 🔥 🔥 BRO if this is 4real u's a decent song !
Breathe, You’re Upset. Breathe, You’re Upset. . 3 weeks ago
The fake vevo stamp 😂😂😂😂 you a bum lol
Iain McColl Iain McColl . 3 weeks ago
this aint Em!!!!!!
Jennifer Kleber Jennifer Kleber . 3 weeks ago
I love you ,all I will say on here.
Angel Blue Angel Blue . 3 weeks ago
Monster growling in the back round of this song is sinister
Angel Blue Angel Blue . 3 weeks ago
Same he i been em fan from day one em legendary storm
Ra Ra . 3 weeks ago
This is the slim shady we all admire and know he drops bombs
Carel Martyn Carel Martyn . 3 weeks ago
What in the world happened to those people who posts lyrics in the comments?
Dustin thewind Dustin thewind . 3 weeks ago
This is really good. You need to work on your own career.
This is a "sound-alike" song that will get you some attention, but you're clearly talented.
I hope you have a chance to lean into that.
Swisher Mic Swisher Mic . 3 weeks ago
this not is eminem
Paul Segar Paul Segar . 3 weeks ago
Click bate
Paul Segar Paul Segar . 3 weeks ago
Not Eminem wtf
Mathew Gard Mathew Gard . 4 weeks ago
Stop using other people's names to get your shit viewed its disrespectful....
TheReaper91 TheReaper91 . 4 weeks ago
Adam Ramsey Adam Ramsey . 4 weeks ago
wassup up bro good work
Jason Miller Jason Miller . 4 weeks ago
Y’all realize it’s not really Eminem dumbasses
Raymond C Raymond C . 4 weeks ago
I knew this wasn't Eminem as soon as I heard his voice. Everybody stay using eminem name to make money 😂😂
fghfgkkv fghfgkkv . 4 weeks ago
Eminem want to be solitude what if no one support him anymore 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Lswat Ent Lswat Ent . 4 weeks ago
Hey I am really trying to reach out and connect with other people and support them on their dreams and help others stay postive
Bkd Slth Bkd Slth . 4 weeks ago
Really almost had me, sick tho regardless 🔥🔥

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