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Published on 5 months ago

Official Audio for "Little Freak" by Harry Styles.
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Little freak,
You jezebel,
You sit high atop the kitchen counter,
Stay green a little while,
You bring blue lights to dreams,
Starry haze,
Crystal ball,
Somehow, you’ve become some paranoia,
A wet dream just dangling,
But your gift is wasted on me,

I was thinking about who you are,
Your delicate point of view,
I was thinking about you,
I’m not worried about where you are,
Or who you will go home to,
I’m just thinking about you,
Just thinking about you,

Did you dress up for Halloween?,
I spilled beer on your friend,
I’m not sorry,
A golf swing and a trampoline,
Maybe we’ll do this again,
Tracksuit and a pony tail,
You hide the body all that yoga gave you,
Red wine and a ginger ale,
But you would make fun of me for sure,

I was thinking about who you are,
Your delicate point of view,
I was thinking about you,
I’m not worried about where you are,
Or who you will go home to,
I’m just thinking about you,

I disrespected you,
Jumped in feet first and I landed too hard,
A broken ankle,
Karma rules,
You never saw my birthmark,

I was thinking about who you are,
Your delicate point of view,
I was thinking about you,
I’m not worried about where you are,
Or who you will go home to,
I’m just thinking about you,
Just thinking about you,
Just thinking about you,

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carlita farmacia carlita farmacia . 10 hours ago
Love love love Harry styles ❤️❤️❤️
SecondChanceCycles SecondChanceCycles . 11 hours ago
One direction did this man a major injustice… brought on many current fans but turned away tons of others just because of stupid stigmas
Ola Ola . 16 hours ago
A. A. . 20 hours ago
Y'all know what "Jezebel" means, right? Because it's not very cute to be called that
One Mix One Mix . 1 day ago
0.05-0.06 sound like the starting of pillowtalk
Maria laura Arona Maria laura Arona . 1 day ago
❤️Te amamos harry styles 🌹✨🎶🌃 🌃
Ken Andrew Ken Andrew . 2 days ago
trin s trin s . 3 days ago
2:09 fav part of the song❤
trin s trin s . 3 days ago
coming back to this song❤
PUNCH MEDIA 👊 PUNCH MEDIA 👊 . 5 days ago
i fall in love with this song after first time heard on Spotify..I bet anyone will too..this song have something beautiful in it..even not really understand the lyrics but the melody so good..
Sinchana Rai Sinchana Rai . 5 days ago
I love harry styles
Foxy Out #2 Foxy Out #2 . 5 days ago
the song of my life
table fork table fork . 1 week ago
i know what you are
Whosabi Whosabi . 1 week ago
I'm like a harry hater but man this is nice😭
Hernandez Flores Laiza sbeidy Hernandez Flores Laiza sbeidy . 1 week ago
mi cancion
SAIRA SAIRA . 2 weeks ago
Thank you✨🥰
José Antonio Ojeda José Antonio Ojeda . 2 weeks ago
ItzmyEdits ItzmyEdits . 2 weeks ago
He should make music video of this song honestly and make the last music video of this album
Deyvid Dechev Deyvid Dechev . 2 weeks ago
Guys I'm looking for more melancholic songs. Please, drop me here some.
vvvv vvvv . 2 weeks ago
this is the most magical song change my mind😭😭
Angie Alderete👽 Angie Alderete👽 . 2 weeks ago
0:01 CRYING😢❤
Thenarfx Thenarfx . 2 weeks ago
This song is my oxygen
wonder_x wonder_x . 2 weeks ago
I don't think I've ever been so in love with a song..
Abrahame thierry Kouame Abrahame thierry Kouame . 2 weeks ago
This song when I hear this ,I don't know why but I feel a part of me is touched!
Andrea CE Andrea CE . 2 weeks ago
My song
Lakshya Sinha Lakshya Sinha . 2 weeks ago
listening in the metro
Shreya Shreya . 3 weeks ago
The pain with which he says "you never saw my birthmark"... oof!
Vitória Abreu Vitória Abreu . 3 weeks ago
HARRY you are amazing man, you manage to make me happy even though you are far away, you are a light in my life, thank you for saving me in 2019, meeting you helped me get out of depression, I am so grateful!! Nowadays, with more maturity, I recognize that I no longer need you to be happy, but continuing to accompany you is very good!! I know you'll never read this, but writing this was therapeutic. I hope that someday I can go to one of your shows! I'm latina, if there's a wrong word it's because of that lol
Ann Esm Ann Esm . 3 weeks ago
my comfort song 🎵 💕
Rodrigo Aguiar Rodrigo Aguiar . 3 weeks ago
JV González JV González . 3 weeks ago
0:44 1:48 2:32
5trangerD1rectioner 5trangerD1rectioner . 3 weeks ago
No I don't think you understand
I'm obsessed
Lejla Salihović💙💚 Lejla Salihović💙💚 . 3 weeks ago
Love youuuuu Harry!!!!!
I can't describe how much I love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Addison Potter Addison Potter . 3 weeks ago
As a person who is never felt love in a relationship this song still somehow speaks to me these people who don’t love me back I will always still love them and I just want to know how they’re doing
Dana Sofia Dana Sofia . 3 weeks ago
Amo esta canción
Dionísio Araújo Dionísio Araújo . 3 weeks ago
Que música maravilhosa.🥺❤️
harold #12YearsOf1D harold #12YearsOf1D . 3 weeks ago
You never saw my birthmark
thv thv . 4 weeks ago
beautiful song
Dave Pugh Dave Pugh . 4 weeks ago
Finally, major 7th chords are making a comeback. Good on ya Harry.
Sarah Rocha Sarah Rocha . 4 weeks ago
obrigada, little freak, por dizer tudo o que eu sinto mas não consigo pôr pra fora
Jorben Sintebin Jorben Sintebin . 4 weeks ago
markus lee ッ markus lee ッ . 4 weeks ago
this song gets me emotional every damn time
ThatCouchPotato ThatCouchPotato . 4 weeks ago
uughhh this is so beautiful. My little heart is crying.
R R R R . 4 weeks ago
The song is very beautiful and I think that the cover would have been his idea of ​​ships and the sea and such because the melody is very appropriate
Playlist Central Playlist Central . 4 weeks ago
Zuemi Rodriguez Zuemi Rodriguez . 4 weeks ago
Gracias Harry ❤‍🩹
ally ally . 4 weeks ago
im getting a tattoo inspired by this song idc
Bernardo Roman Jr. Bernardo Roman Jr. . 4 weeks ago
OMg song makes me sad 😢

Like 👍if you agree
Anam Rehman Anam Rehman . 4 weeks ago
The YOU NEVER SAW MY BIRTH MARK give me goosebumps everytime!!!!!!!
Anam Rehman Anam Rehman . 4 weeks ago

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