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Published on 14 years ago

Beth Gibbons And Rustin Man - Show

Final_Mile_Music Final_Mile_Music . 1 month ago
One of the best albums ever written.
Bill Scannell Bill Scannell . 10 months ago
This is a really great album. Too bad it's so obscure--probably it is slightly too smart to ever be really popular. I think I like it even more than her Portishead work.
LoveCat 4everxxx LoveCat 4everxxx . 1 year ago
Love Beth
Jean-luc Boily Jean-luc Boily . 2 years ago
Lost my wife 3 months ago from cancer, sorry but this is healing music as she said: it’s a funny time of year!!
Thanks Beth
Ingmarbordum Ingmarbordum . 3 years ago
I listend to this for days in rehab
GreasySlick1975 GreasySlick1975 . 3 years ago
I'm 40 years old. I think I'm doing fine. I lost my virginity listening to Dummy back in '95. "I'm doing ok" I thought. Then I found this track, and whilst clutching a half-bottle of whiskey (nearly finished) I realised: damn, it's all down hill from here. And only decay and death awaits. Beth, y u do this?
DrippedInMagic DrippedInMagic . 4 years ago
Youtube plz, bless me with an Instrumental plz..
Марина Шварц Марина Шварц . 4 years ago
До мурашек..
Elias Espitia Elias Espitia . 4 years ago
Jean-Philippe Tamo Jean-Philippe Tamo . 5 years ago
OH MY GOD that song
alex fernando Huenten alex fernando Huenten . 6 years ago
AF Twice AF Twice . 7 years ago
TitoRhytm TitoRhytm . 7 years ago
Puro sentimiento.
Alex Castillo Alex Castillo . 7 years ago
i'm making a playlist which i'll title 'soundtrack for a suicide'. this song will be the first one, and the second one will be moonlight sonata . anyone want to help me with some other 'depressing' songs?
Transrecord Systems Transrecord Systems . 7 years ago
1134gh 1134gh . 8 years ago
IO23777 IO23777 . 8 years ago
I've just had to go and put on some Joy Division to cheer me up.
estaban leon estaban leon . 9 years ago
Miguel Caeiro Miguel Caeiro . 9 years ago
she´s the pure magic of depression....
femmecorbeau femmecorbeau . 10 years ago
carries us deep......... xoxooxox
bunny jin bunny jin . 10 years ago
I am in love with this music - can a human sing with more feeling?
carly turnbull carly turnbull . 10 years ago
The Show
PepperrOnBlues PepperrOnBlues . 10 years ago
Karolina Kułakowska Karolina Kułakowska . 10 years ago
masz rację, podpisuję się pod tym :D
Alkali64 Alkali64 . 11 years ago
femmecorbeau femmecorbeau . 11 years ago
nice presentation. ty. xoxoxooxoxox
doddy1984 doddy1984 . 11 years ago
Can't get this song out of my head for 2 years :/
iestiri85 iestiri85 . 11 years ago

Questa canzone è la malinconia fatta musica.. Voce sublime..
Fabrizio Borbone Fabrizio Borbone . 11 years ago
testo abbastanza triste, ma.... Dio mio che voce, la mia preferita
deepintomusic deepintomusic . 11 years ago
le son nest pas bon !! ca ne lui rend pas honneur
c nest pas le bon tuning/^pitch
dodatekspecjalny dodatekspecjalny . 11 years ago
niesamowite, tu Beth brzmi totalnie inaczej niz z Portishead
QQueenQQful QQueenQQful . 12 years ago
Genious... never will be such a voice, such a charavter, so misterious... love her deeply
hater hater . 12 years ago
C. P.C C. P.C . 12 years ago
gizm11 gizm11 . 12 years ago
one of my "beth-gibbons" favorites
ElizaDay66 ElizaDay66 . 13 years ago
This album is a work of art.

I wish she'd release another solor.
Liquid Swords Liquid Swords . 13 years ago
mmmm.... such a sweet sweet voice.
variabile27 variabile27 . 13 years ago
un incanto
Chris T Chris T . 14 years ago
Such an awesome song....
aneika91 aneika91 . 14 years ago
samuja88 samuja88 . 14 years ago
robertcarst robertcarst . 14 years ago
du bist un italiano vero, grazzie pour la canzone
iestiri85 iestiri85 . 14 years ago
Grazie a te per il commento :)
Bella e struggente..
Sam Oxa Sam Oxa . 14 years ago
un piacere essere il primo a poter dire che questa e una canzone enormemente bella.

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