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So Boom TV

So Boom TV

Published on 1 year ago

💣So Boom Normani - Wild Side (Official Video) ft. Cardi B

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Kay Kay Savage Kay Kay Savage . 9 months ago
I was crying with laughter cause Corey is literally trying to figure out that verse with the watermelon and I can explain it to you but I won’t lol your face was to funny mean while this other one to the left nice nails and the other to the right she capping y’all are to funny in this video
loomriah loomriah . 9 months ago
Can do you guys do a reaction to Him and I? It's a song by G-Eazy and Halsey, and I want to see your guy's reactions.
Charles Vanderhorst jr. Charles Vanderhorst jr. . 10 months ago
hulksmash hulksmash . 11 months ago
Don’t say God’s name in vain
Beha Gwion Beha Gwion . 12 months ago
Nails 😂😂😂😂😂
ameer alqaisi ameer alqaisi . 1 year ago
Cardi tanked
Javetta Murphy Javetta Murphy . 1 year ago
It was the clapping for me 🤣
Antonia Williams Antonia Williams . 1 year ago
Great reaction as always hun
Brittney White Brittney White . 1 year ago
Nahh I wanna know what Corey was thinking hard about at the end of the video 😂 other than that dope ass video
Crislene Gomes Crislene Gomes . 1 year ago
Go react to Lil nas x - Industry Baby
Adrian Anderson Adrian Anderson . 1 year ago
Destinie Spring Destinie Spring . 1 year ago
React to Mo3-Get Back
Alicia Briscoe Alicia Briscoe . 1 year ago
Love u guys reaction
Beautiiful Jai Beautiiful Jai . 1 year ago
Naaa it’s Aaliyah’s “One in a million” sample from 1996
Lunatius Lunatius . 1 year ago
She wasn’t naked. 😂
noangel noangel . 1 year ago
React to Tinashe - Bouncin & Pasadena!!!
Jay. Royalti Jay. Royalti . 1 year ago
Y’all gonna react to lil Nas new video too??
joshua durity joshua durity . 1 year ago
React to Mehgan Trainor Nice To Meet Ya ft Nicki Minaj🥳
Marshelyn Irving Marshelyn Irving . 1 year ago
Luv ur reaction guys
Various Artists - Topic Various Artists - Topic . 1 year ago
Finally… I was dreaming of this day.
Falishia Sharpe Falishia Sharpe . 1 year ago
Janae Duberry Janae Duberry . 1 year ago
Can y’all react to black swan by bts
Kristina Zelmanova Kristina Zelmanova . 1 year ago
If you dont have the time to play the whole video, than rather dont start at all :(
Salad Salad . 1 year ago
Please react to Anne Marie & Little Mix New song : Kiss My (Uh Oh)
please read this comment :(
I am waiting for your reaction
Mia Siddo Mia Siddo . 1 year ago
React to doja cat woman or options from planet her
first name last name first name last name . 1 year ago
react to Anne-Marie & Little Mix - Kiss My
Life of Kyndall Life of Kyndall . 1 year ago
React to outta my mind by b.o.b only for nicki verse 😂
Koral G Koral G . 1 year ago
Please react to noa kirel please dont suck
Zatora Sanders Zatora Sanders . 1 year ago
can y’all post ariana vevo
DDomino Geronimo DDomino Geronimo . 1 year ago
They was wildn 😆 ❤
Julie Julie . 1 year ago
React to Anne Marie kiss my uh oh ft little mix music video
Ice Cream Kawaii Ice Cream Kawaii . 1 year ago
Can you please react to SB19, They're a group from Philippines, They're very talented and their songs are bop. Check out their latest single called "What" 😍😁
Bab’s-B Official Bab’s-B Official . 1 year ago
That headline that said Aaliyah’s uncle didn’t approve was fake. It was for clickbait, the uncle love the sample literally and the producer (Timberland) reacted to the song and equally loved it
Amish Bee Amish Bee . 1 year ago
I really need you guys to react to R.E.M. by Ariana Grande - it was on her Sweetener album released three years ago (produced by Pharrell) and has a Beyonce sample and sounds fire. She does a mixture of singing and rap-singing which I think y'all would really LOVE. No one is doing it like her.
Iam Tink Iam Tink . 1 year ago
Fuck you we waited for you to skipp the video yall late for that shit
Coffee Nut ☕️ Coffee Nut ☕️ . 1 year ago
Cardi lo key ruined it for me not gunna lie. But Normanis dancing and visuals were great per usual
TheInfamousChase TheInfamousChase . 1 year ago
Jaqoui Jones Jaqoui Jones . 1 year ago
“She has very nice nails” “NAILSS?!”
Jefferson Da Silva Jefferson Da Silva . 1 year ago
Vocês são top demais, mas é zuado quando fazem react cortando partes da música.
AG. Squad AG. Squad . 1 year ago
Y’all skipped most of the vid when y’all start doing that🤦🏾‍♀️
Kayya Rainey Kayya Rainey . 1 year ago
Please react to bts room festa live 2021 it gives you a better perspective on there songs
Sandra Hudson Sandra Hudson . 1 year ago
Yes 🙌🏾 🙌🏾🙌🏾you reacting to the Goddess Queen Normani at last, she killed it and nailed it - 🔥🔥🔥
daica j daica j . 1 year ago
react to mariah the scientist !! she’s an r&b singer. choose anything because she’s really good
Fenty Breezy Fenty Breezy . 1 year ago
Shannon Lashae Shannon Lashae . 1 year ago
She sure did use Aaliyah as inspiration and the double scene represents her sign as a Gemini ♊ which also represents twins. The second scene outfit colors also was inspired by tlc song creep.
JustBeingHonest JustBeingHonest . 1 year ago
Aaliyah one in a billion
Jung George Jung George . 1 year ago
The vocal perks at the end were nasty 🔥
Maureen Wamala Maureen Wamala . 1 year ago
If you know Cardi she ain't capping like she said 'BELIEVE ME'
Naomi Bosley Naomi Bosley . 1 year ago
React to off the table Ariana Grande ft The Weeknd vevo live
Sharronnn Sharronnn . 1 year ago
Can you guys react to BTS MANIFESTO FILM make sure to turn on cc

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