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Music Here

Music Here

Published on 2 years ago

Top 10 best selling songs each year worldwide according to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
Positions are based on total units sold (sales+streaming)
Note: Streaming was added to the formula in 2013

ALSO REMEMBER: This is NOT based on how many units songs have sold in TOTAL. It's based on units sold during a particular year. This means it's possible for songs to appear twice in consecutive years, if they are big enough ("Closer", "Shape Of You" for example). It also means that songs which are released/are big early in the year (January-April), have more time to rack up streams and sales, which means they have a higher chance of appearing on this list. Songs which are released/become big during July-October have a high chance of MISSING this list entirely, because the consumption is SPLIT between two years instead of a single year. This includes for example songs like "Starboy" (released in September) and "Shake It Off" (released in August) which both missed this list.

-Biggest songs each year (2010-2020)
-Biggest songs of all time
-Biggest global hit songs
-Biggest worldwide hits of each year
-Most iconic songs of all time
-Best selling artists of all time
-Best selling artists of the 2000s
-Best selling artists of the 2010s
-Best selling songs of all time
-Best songs of all time
-Best songs of the 2000s
-Hit songs of 2010
-Hit songs of 2011
-Hit songs of 2012
-Hit songs of 2013
-Hit songs of 2014
-Hit songs of 2015
-Hit songs of 2016
-Hit songs of 2017
-Hit songs of 2018
-Hit songs of 2019
-Hit songs of 2020
-Hit songs of 2020
-Top 100 biggest worldwide hit songs ever
-Chart history
-Billboard hot 100
-Billboard hot 100 all time list
-Best song of the 2010s
-Youtube most viewed songs of all time
-Most streamed songs of all time
-Spotify top 100
-Shape Of You
-Justin Bieber
-Blinding Lights
-Bad Guy
-Lady Gaga
-Bruno Mars
-Ed Sheeran
-Katy Perry
-Taylor Swift
-Ariana Grande
-Michael Jackson
-The Weeknd
-Super Bowl half time show
-Best selling albums of all time

Music Here Music Here . 7 months ago
This is an outdated video! If you want to see the new version with 2021 added, you can check it out here:
Lucy Saquic Lucy Saquic . 1 day ago
ant ant . 1 day ago
nostalgia hits so hard in this video
Mary Yac Mary Yac . 1 day ago
MrCatPlaysGamz MrCatPlaysGamz . 2 days ago
I thought that said "International Federation of the Pornographic Industry" LOL
Mercedes Vasquez Mercedes Vasquez . 2 days ago
juan pedeo charar aju juan pedeo charar aju . 2 days ago
Amelia Gonzales Amelia Gonzales . 2 days ago
μ΄μ •λΉˆ μ΄μ •λΉˆ . 2 days ago
2015년이 γ„Ήγ…ˆγ„·μž„
gdh gdh . 2 days ago
Asuncion Magdalena Asuncion Magdalena . 3 days ago
Maritza ChΓ‘vez Maritza ChΓ‘vez . 3 days ago
Oscar Daniel Juan Tambriz cocom Oscar Daniel Juan Tambriz cocom . 3 days ago
YT제이크 YT제이크 . 3 days ago
Where's godzilla
Mid laner Mid laner . 3 days ago
2009-2019 best years
Chabela Chic Utuy Chabela Chic Utuy . 3 days ago
Edy Paulino Joj Xum Edy Paulino Joj Xum . 4 days ago
Luis Rafael Luis Rafael . 4 days ago
Miguel zavala Miguel zavala . 4 days ago
Lakshmikanth R LAKSHMIKANTH Lakshmikanth R LAKSHMIKANTH . 4 days ago
Was superb. It was remembering how I spent all these 10 years... superb work. Thank you.
Zalkem Zalkem . 4 days ago
Wow, 2014 - 2015 hits different :')
Ingri Carrillo Ingri Carrillo . 4 days ago
JesΓΊs Leo KC JesΓΊs Leo KC . 5 days ago
Sulma Meregildo Sulma Meregildo . 5 days ago
Priyo Utomo Priyo Utomo . 6 days ago
Why eminem lose your self not hero?
α… α… α… α… α… α… β€’ 5 year ago α… α… α… α… α… α… β€’ 5 year ago . 6 days ago
8:49 I love how the song name 7 years and the song also get 7th place
Horselover Horselover . 6 days ago
Blank space 😭😭😭😭
nose que ponerme jaja nose que ponerme jaja . 7 days ago
And Waka Waka?
Aracely Can Aracely Can . 7 days ago
Milca Elizabeth Milca Elizabeth . 7 days ago
Cavachoncx3 Cavachoncx3 . 7 days ago
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We are all sinners, but God decided to come to Earth as a human just for our sake, so that we may have Eternal Life! Accept Jesus as Savior and Lord today! Jesus is the only way into Heaven!βœοΈπŸ•Šβ€πŸ™
Axel Can Axel Can . 1 week ago
Tajrin World Tajrin World . 1 week ago
2015 all the songs are my favourite.
MenacingDonutz MenacingDonutz . 1 week ago
These videos are making me want to creat a nostalgia playlist.
Ron Ron . 1 week ago
2012 the best
Ron Ron . 1 week ago
2012 the best
Julia Can Julia Can . 1 week ago
CameronTheFunnyGamer CameronTheFunnyGamer . 2 weeks ago
These music were good times, and still are
Imagine dragons were mostly my go to in 2017-2019
Emmanuel Daka Emmanuel Daka . 2 weeks ago
How was Believer 10th in 2017 best song of that year for me
Armando Sazo Armando Sazo . 2 weeks ago
Isabel Pichol macario Isabel Pichol macario . 2 weeks ago
Wuw que movimientos
κΉ€λ―Όμ œ κΉ€λ―Όμ œ . 2 weeks ago
i think 2015 year is my best
Guadalupe Sazo Guadalupe Sazo . 2 weeks ago
Mynor Saquic Mynor Saquic . 2 weeks ago
2016 : EDM
πŸ₯©β€’Z0MB1FY-🎸 πŸ₯©β€’Z0MB1FY-🎸 . 2 weeks ago
Bruno Mars really hit
Thauri Azmi Thauri Azmi . 2 weeks ago
Unit Sold?what is that CD or cassette.🀣
Legendary0425 Legendary0425 . 2 weeks ago
wow i didnt know a single song from 2019 or 2020 and only 2 songs from 2018 that werent also from 2017
Legendary0425 Legendary0425 . 2 weeks ago
crazy how many horrible songs are in the top 5
Elili8 Games Elili8 Games . 2 weeks ago
Best songs on here:
Train - Hey, Soul Sister
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Bruno Mars - Bruno Mars
fun. - We Are Young
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
Imagine Dragons - Believer
Katy Perry - Roar
Avicii - Wake Me U
Magic! - Rude
Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Adele - Hello
Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk
The Chainsmokers - Closer
Imagine Dragons - Believer
The Chainsmokers - Something Just Like This
Post Malone - Sunflower
Billie Eilish - bad guy
The Weeknd - Blinding Lights

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