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David Bowie

David Bowie

Published on 4 years ago

The official music video for David Bowie - Wild Is The Wind (From Station To Station)

Taken from Bowie's 10th studio album 'Station To Station' released in 1976, which featured the singles 'TVC 15' & 'Golden Years'.

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Love me, love me, love me, say you do
Let me fly away with you

For my love is like the wind
And wild is the wind, wild is the wind

Give me more than one caress
Satisfy this hungriness

Let the wind blow through your heart
For wild is the wind, wild is the wind

You touch me
I hear the sound of mandolins
You kiss me
With your kiss my life begins
You're spring to me, all things to me
Don't you know, you're life itself

Like the leaf clings to the tree
Oh, my darling, cling to me

For we're like creatures of the wind
And wild is the wind, wild is the wind

You touch me
I hear the sound of mandolins
You kiss me
With your kiss my life begins
You're spring to me, all things to me
Don't you know, you're life itself!

Like the leaf clings to the tree
Oh, my darling, cling to me

For we're like creatures of the wind
And wild is the wind, wild is the wind
Wild is the wind, wild is the wind
Wild is the wind

About David Bowie:
David Bowie redefined musical genres and the potential of live performance for generations of music lovers. Creating and discarding a variety of personae and restlessly challenging musical boundaries, Bowie released timeless albums including Space Oddity, Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust…, Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, Station to Station, "Heroes,” Let's Dance, Heathen, The Next Day and many more. Blackstar, Bowie’s 28th and final studio album, was released on his 69th birthday, January 8, 2016. David Bowie died on January 10, 2016, two days after the release of Blackstar. His body of work, his influence on the worlds of music, art, fashion, film, theatre and beyond, and his legacy of innovation and reinvention will live forever. 2022 kicks off with Bowie at 75, a celebration of his 75th birthday with the Brilliant Adventure box set, the previously unreleased Toy, the 50th anniversary of Ziggy Stardust and a series of special events.

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Cristina Bernard Cristina Bernard . 2 days ago
Ric Avila Ric Avila . 3 days ago
Grande Maestro..grande interpretazione
Gergg Bergr Gergg Bergr . 1 week ago
Word on a wing, stay. , wild as the wind. These are to me David Bowie really showing us his Vocal Chops. The voice of my youth. I Miss you my Friend.
Лариса Панкратова Лариса Панкратова . 1 week ago
Дмитрий Тёмкин композитор
Sandra-Louise at Mumma2s Place Sandra-Louise at Mumma2s Place . 1 week ago
Amazing 🙏💜☮️
Dagmar Bohn Dagmar Bohn . 2 weeks ago
David Bowie was the greatest musician,Singer, Artist.Whatta loss.....Love him
Mig-2s Mig-2s . 2 weeks ago
The Heart's Triumph at His Best Moment. Of Happiness! Of Joy, Freedom, Strength and despair.
All in One. Moment. In Time.
Out of Time...
Tex Masich Tex Masich . 2 weeks ago
Shit’s dope as fuck.
dynamic dynamic . 2 weeks ago
phillip howell phillip howell . 2 weeks ago
This was the best vocal he ever did..
Loreto_1910 Loreto_1910 . 4 weeks ago
Doris Grayson Doris Grayson . 4 weeks ago
Nice song . I like the lyrics.
Laurence Gerbore Laurence Gerbore . 4 weeks ago
Même si Bowie n'est pas l auteur de ce chef d'œuvre, c'est selon ma perception sa plus belle performance vocale, un vibrato perçant les sens, l âme. Vidéo et musiciens en deuil et si solennels...depuis mon adolescence je l'ai écouté en vinyle puis en vidéo, MP3 500 fois avec émotion
Ashar Moreu Ashar Moreu . 4 weeks ago
Mi piace Moltó il Vento e selvaggio come Bowie.
A A A A . 1 month ago
Margi M Margi M . 1 month ago
Listening to this in the ☀️
Bowie forever 💔
justin binley justin binley . 1 month ago
David... words can not....
Rebel rebel Rebel rebel . 1 month ago
¡Era y es tan grande! Cómo se extraña, aunque siempre estará en nuestros ♥ 💞. Por cierto , el merchadising, ¿No pueden ser camisetas y no ropa para bebés? Gracias
Jamie Grieve Jamie Grieve . 1 month ago
hope you in heaven and my uncle and auntie Craig and Virginia are with you and I will always be grateful for them giving me his music
.. what a great guy he seemed too so light hearted and unaffected despite the world he was in with being famous.. bless you Gin and keg and Bowie miss you all.
Carol March Creative Art Carol March Creative Art . 2 months ago
No one can beat that!
Francisco Linhares Francisco Linhares . 2 months ago
this is so sad, this is so beautiful, this has so much emotion, it makes a man cry...From Brasil!
Chickadee.123 Chickadee.123 . 2 months ago
Only in my wildest dreams...
Chickadee.123 Chickadee.123 . 2 months ago
I said to my husband that I would never ever cheat on him but if I meet David Bowie, can we have a 3 some? 😅🥂👍
Rose Lantz Rose Lantz . 2 months ago
The good and gifted die young. Such beauty can't survive long in this world
alfaetrin alfaetrin . 2 months ago
For me, among all of Bowie's incredible repertoire of music through the decades, the sheer understated passion and power of his vocals in this song make it my favourite Bowie song of all. RIP David, and thank you for the music.
mando21 mando21 . 2 months ago ph ringtone for yrs..just an excellent voice full of feeling and power...Bowie was a master.
Yolande Van Tonder Yolande Van Tonder . 2 months ago
Love love love
hank lawler hank lawler . 2 months ago
David brought opera and elegance to rock and roll
David Keith David Keith . 2 months ago
what's the point in living after David
JNC JNC . 2 months ago
Douceur, profondeur et puissance mélodieuse. De l'Art à l'état brut.
jerry kinen jerry kinen . 2 months ago
Yes This is about Adam And EVE. I should know IM Adam and I know My Eva!
Ceduchkis Ceduchkis . 2 months ago
Мелодия из числа тех, что на все времена...
Alex Ortega Alex Ortega . 2 months ago
My favorite song ♥️
Sérgio Carneiro Sérgio Carneiro . 2 months ago
Meu Deus!!!!
Que Belo!!!
jerry kinen jerry kinen . 2 months ago
My lifes been hell too! One day, It just might be worth all the pain!
Shannon Kringen Shannon Kringen . 2 months ago
Love this. New to me.
Karen Spielholz Karen Spielholz . 2 months ago
Beautifully HAUNTING
Marlene Sullivan Marlene Sullivan . 2 months ago
Herbert Quisbert Herbert Quisbert . 3 months ago
Silvia Bramoso Silvia Bramoso . 3 months ago
vito chiumarulo vito chiumarulo . 3 months ago
Ti Amo David
Cristina Rosa Cristina Rosa . 3 months ago
un grande ,como pocos y buen actor
Station Sixtyseven Station Sixtyseven . 3 months ago
Such a beautiful song :)
charles prinz charles prinz . 3 months ago
We all miss you.
Matina Cummings Matina Cummings . 3 months ago
דיקלה סאסי דיקלה סאסי . 3 months ago
דיויד..בשבילי אתה חיי ובא ושר כמו הרוח...🖤
Zachary Hickman Zachary Hickman . 3 months ago
I've always liked this. I suppose if I were made of bricks, that were made of songs, this is one of them 🤔 just a thought 🎼
fehrhardt fehrhardt . 3 months ago
Sublime… simply sublime
James Bond James Bond . 3 months ago
Sheer volume of classic Bowie's twist on A Nina Simone Classic timepiece.

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