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Ras Kitchen

Ras Kitchen

Published on 2 months ago

Italian Jamaican fusion tonight in a new style, whipped up out of nowhere! Have you ever had cabbage in pasta before?!
We chat about invasive cane toads in the freezer, dumpling styles, one blood, mary grudgeful bugs, gas foods, and sample this very unique style of pasta 😎🙏🇮🇹. ITAL IS VITAL!
bless up,
Matthew & Mokko
Check out the Cornmeal Porridge video here:


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Syaiful Nazry Syaiful Nazry . 3 weeks ago
I not done yet with cabbage. Is that right what I type.
Acustic Unplugged & Covers Acustic Unplugged & Covers . 3 weeks ago
Half Pasta-Pomodoro+ Meat- Chicken O Pork. What's Happen Mokko????
Shervel J. Abraham Shervel J. Abraham . 3 weeks ago
I love this channel. Think I've binged watch every episode. However, I must say that being in tuned with nature and having a holistic approach to life does not mean that you have to be unsanitary! Ain't nothing wrong in having a clean and tidy environment whilst living a wholesome life. Invest in proper utensils and clean the cooking space.. Mokko been using the same yellow cup to drink and prepare food. I bet I'm not the only one observing this. As I said, I love the channel but some improvements should be made.
Nachiketa Nachiketa . 3 weeks ago
Legends. Hey Matthew, any chance of getting Mokko to swap out that powdered stock for something without MSG / more natural? Would love to see that. Bless 🙏🏼❤️
ironKurgan ironKurgan . 3 weeks ago
The emperor needs new clothes.
K-daz K-daz . 4 weeks ago
Mokko's presence is my therapy
Duneyman Duneyman . 4 weeks ago
Man when life gets tough, I am glad I can take a temporary vacation to Jamaica.

Thanks Matthew
Jemboy Terry Jemboy Terry . 4 weeks ago
Mokko this dont look good to me year you doing this on living dnt better are getting money you need to do a channel for your self think bout it
Fehmida Bibi Fehmida Bibi . 4 weeks ago
I started dribbling when he was dishing out the pasta
David Chiarletti David Chiarletti . 4 weeks ago
That's not nice trust me that don't work but better than nothing !GATE13SW6CFCCREW
Theo Blincko Theo Blincko . 1 month ago
I'm hungarian, sweet cabbage pasta is a must, I love it!!! It's called kapusztás tészta :) :) :)
Rosalie Burke Rosalie Burke . 1 month ago
I've never had pasta and cabbage, I'm sure it's good because Ras made it. He's such an irie cook.
Atiba Mawuto Atiba Mawuto . 1 month ago
Ras time 2 get some calabash
Ed Daflare Ed Daflare . 1 month ago
hippydippy hippydippy . 1 month ago
That looks & sounds really good!
Fehmida Bibi Fehmida Bibi . 1 month ago
Noah Kroger Noah Kroger . 1 month ago
In the beginning was he saying people send him old stuff sometimes
Simphiwe Hlongwa Simphiwe Hlongwa . 1 month ago
I’d like to visit Jamaica one day, I might also end up visiting Ras Kitchen and eat Rasta style and feel the taste of Jamaican cuisine with it spices and herbs. ❤️ From 🇿🇦.
music for your soul music for your soul . 1 month ago
cabbage with pasta is great but it makes you fart a lot :) can you relate haha?
We see We see . 1 month ago
In the state's missing my country bless up Matt and Mokko 🤘
Lemarcus Richardson Lemarcus Richardson . 1 month ago
Am going to try it myself that look really good
Buddha Fortune Buddha Fortune . 1 month ago
Tinny Smith Tinny Smith . 1 month ago
bles up
Quiet_storm_Angel Quiet_storm_Angel . 1 month ago
Ya see it
David T David T . 1 month ago
Fyah, bless
Work Shop Work Shop . 1 month ago
Hey Ras, would you ever consider wearing dentures? One Love!!
mark lawrence mark lawrence . 1 month ago
If you put meat in it is it still Rasta Pasta
Jason Tobias Jason Tobias . 1 month ago
Shlomo Venezia Shlomo Venezia . 1 month ago
overcooked it by a longshot
M H M H . 1 month ago
I’m watching this like is it time to eat yet!
Looks good
Rémy BUCCI Rémy BUCCI . 1 month ago
Orecchiette Pugliesi
Rémy BUCCI Rémy BUCCI . 1 month ago
In all the geographical area of ancient Etruria, bread is made in ancient times without any addition of salt.
Gina's bread
RichNice RichNice . 2 months ago
10:28 gasolina 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jimmy Alvarez Jimmy Alvarez . 2 months ago
Blesss up Mokko
Bill Gaudet Bill Gaudet . 2 months ago
Things YOU Can Do Things YOU Can Do . 2 months ago
Vibe just so damn chill 😎 The content never gets old. Pasta out of nowhere 🤣
Rvw Trvps Rvw Trvps . 2 months ago
Next video can you have a clip of Mokko doing the “Farmer Black” dance
DOVIID DOVIID . 2 months ago
12:05 Good thing about Jamaicans that they respect who you are !, Look the who made a food for you, he eats in the bowl, by the ways, "white man" like you, he still respect who you are !!! It will never happens in America.
Richard bromfield Richard bromfield . 2 months ago
Too much pasta.
Jacquie mullings Jacquie mullings . 2 months ago
Moko I saw your friend Buko video 📹 and Ratty was in it, nice!!...Black Farmer🚜
Tim Obrien Tim Obrien . 2 months ago
Awesome video guys every time I see them I get hungry but I kinda have a random question dose mokko carry a pocket knife if so what kind and possibly do a video on it it would be quite handy were you live thanks
Gabriel DiCasso Gabriel DiCasso . 2 months ago
Great video, very interesting to watch. When I do a lot of me pasta's, I love adding a good kick of spice (not the Western equivilent of kick of spice, no offense).
Randy Frost Randy Frost . 2 months ago
I actually dont eat much pasta ..but mokkos i could probably dig..looks good ..the one he said in the video he aint a dsy he was alone sounded good . I break the pasta lol whoops
Deputy Travis Junior Deputy Travis Junior . 2 months ago
It's bad luck to snap the pasta :D
Debbie Rickards Debbie Rickards . 2 months ago
Morning, lol
Sandy Williams Sandy Williams . 2 months ago
Sandy Williams Sandy Williams . 2 months ago
The cabbage has its own water 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sandy Williams Sandy Williams . 2 months ago
U afto drain the water off the PASTA DON'T LET IT SIT IN THE WATER 🥴
Barbarian Blood Barbarian Blood . 2 months ago
I put Haitian Pikliz on my spaghetti and lasagna all the time. Check it out if you’re not familiar with Haitian condiments. Easy to make, mad spicy and delicious. ✌️
Leonardo Pazzini Leonardo Pazzini . 2 months ago
You probally have already eaten yakissoba, they have cabbage and pasta, does it count?

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