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Published on 11 years ago

Jane Birkin -- Rendez-Vous Avec Jane
(Un Film Documentaire Realise Par Regis Roinsard), 2005

Luiz Geraldo Luiz Geraldo . 1 year ago
Nick Nick Nick Nick . 2 years ago
Abhinav Jain Abhinav Jain . 2 years ago
I wish there were more songs coming from portishead now..
superjojo99 superjojo99 . 3 years ago
Great !! Je me souviens de ce documentaire , il y avait même un duo entre Jane Birkin et Marianne Faithfull... serait-il possible que ça refasse surface ?
Izzy Muniz Izzy Muniz . 3 years ago
Can someone tell me if theres a studio version of this?!
§ėRŘy §ėRŘy . 4 years ago
Fuckin love Beth, always will!! Could do with another portishead album at some point, 11 years is about my limit!! X
sylvanas (SURMENAGE) sylvanas (SURMENAGE) . 4 years ago
Love you s
Jay Privacy Jay Privacy . 4 years ago
I'm in love with Beth.
José Baeta José Baeta . 4 years ago
Splendid !
Sheels1976 Sheels1976 . 5 years ago
Beth has such a ridiculously amazing voice
Degenhardt Architektur Degenhardt Architektur . 6 years ago
Beth, you are a very sexy wonderful woman
S DP S DP . 6 years ago
She genuinely seems happy. That is Beth!
Danillo assis souza Danillo assis souza . 8 years ago
BHET not die like Winehouse
Danillo assis souza Danillo assis souza . 8 years ago
BHET not die like Winehouse
jurosdumbliai jurosdumbliai . 10 years ago
and anna's "lalala" is danish :)
qwerty qwerty . 10 years ago
beth's "lalala" is british and jane's "lalala" is french!!
wings4marie wings4marie . 11 years ago
Beth is so cute. lol
Joe Cool Joe Cool . 11 years ago
This is so adorable! Thanks for posting! :-)

I feel like Jane is looking at Beth like a long lost daughter that she just wants to hug and cheer up.

It's so cute to see Beth smile amidst her melancholic performance haha

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