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Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

Published on 4 months ago

Kendrick Lamar “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” is available now:

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Thea Thea . 2 hours ago
Cameron Wilson Cameron Wilson . 1 day ago
Wtf I love Trip hop I didn't know he did a song with Beth gibbons. Trip hop is British hip hop. Listen to the album Dummy by portishead that's Beth gibbons
Only One Representing!
Kelly Davis Kelly Davis . 2 days ago
This song... This album... Made me start dealing with unresolved grief. I've never felt anything more than the honesty of this album. I've cried every time I hear this song. Thank you for helping me. I no longer want to wish I was anybody but myself. 🙏💔❤️
Justine Pasion Justine Pasion . 3 days ago
I wish I was somebody, anybody but myself. 🙂
Cristo Nombret Cristo Nombret . 6 days ago
sky flowers sky flowers . 1 week ago
Cameuz Beats Cameuz Beats . 1 week ago
Kendrick Lamar Africa :
Russell Willmann Russell Willmann . 1 week ago
No one can take from his story, but slavery has always existed. History tells that story all the way back to even Adam and Eve. Study some Babylonia, Amazonian, Egyptian History.

We should also note here, if you idiots actually care to study, that the Fremch had made a deal with African cheifs to buy humans for some exchange.

It's often forgotten that the fact of the matter is that ships arrived, tribe leaders met with them... and then agreed to sell off people of their tribes for money.

Slavery started from your godless leaders that let foreign ships take advantage. Don't forget your own godamned human nature as you or your leaders.

They traded you for their own gain. You're own people did that.

Humans have all experienced this.

You are not special in this venture.
Dylan Dylan . 1 week ago
Jesus is coming 29/9/2022.

It's true he does heal everybody
Kgotso Godfrey phiri Kgotso Godfrey phiri . 1 week ago
Kendrick don’t forget us in South Africa with your MMBS Tour even if it’s a late tour😅
Josby Josby . 2 weeks ago
Dont let the pain excuse more evil
Ivan Carreon Ivan Carreon . 2 weeks ago
I don’t ever listen to this song sober… I’m sorry.
bluntznkuntz bluntznkuntz . 2 weeks ago
There’s so much humanity and hope in this comment section, I wish all of you the best in your self improvement and development. It’s never too late to change for the better.
Goznyer Ordonez Goznyer Ordonez . 2 weeks ago
Thank You, Kendrick.


Glenn Quagmire Glenn Quagmire . 2 weeks ago
kendrick my guy but his wife sound sexy asf lmao
Zection A Zection A . 2 weeks ago
The experience I had with this song the 1st night it came out was unexplainable. It’s funny because as soon as 9 PM hit in my time zone I was outside with my headphones smoking a whole joint by myself. I finished the joint and was probably like 4 songs in. Went inside and laid down and turned off the lights. I was so zoned in on every track and once this track hit I was laying there crying. When he gets to the last line as he screams this is transformation I felt a relief from my chest and just let it all out and tears started flooding out. I felt free. Thank you Kendrick because the last time music ever made me feel like this was probably Pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon. This is a masterpiece and will age very well. I wish everyone to be free from anything that damages them. And if you’re able to go to his tour please do so. I was there this past Saturday and it was easily the best concert I’ve been too. Spiritual healing
Tshepang Khahlu Tshepang Khahlu . 2 weeks ago
One man standing on two words, heal everybody
Undead CDL Undead CDL . 3 weeks ago
Bro I am over here high af gaming chilling already signed up for rehab just cussed my mom out for no reason addicted and I hear this shit all of a sudden Kendrick u just told my life story in this song thank you I needed this emotion this is the realest shit I ever heard in my life word for word my life story
I I . 3 weeks ago
MBF MBF . 3 weeks ago
Eyes weld up with tears when I first heard the song sheesh
Light Blue Light Blue . 3 weeks ago
Some people are opening up to their expietences simply because Kendrick opened up in his song... Thank you to everyone who is giving us a chance to hear their story, to everyone letting others know that they aren't alone. Thank you Kendrick for stimulating this. 💐

Through more open discourse trying to get rid of this pain onto others, this will to take care of others and oneselve, the curse is slowly being broken.
Clyde G Clyde G . 3 weeks ago
I recognized that voice immediately as Beth gibbons when I heard someone playing this song at work…. I know basically nothing about Kendrick but it’s fuckin cool he got her on this song
Mary San Mary San . 3 weeks ago
This break my heart and make me cry , is powerful and beauty , so amazing thanks Kendrick for you art
Tommy Scott Tommy Scott . 3 weeks ago
Bro. Ive never lsitened to your music. I lsiten to old school, you are truly makimg the future of music
Stay Skeemin Stay Skeemin . 3 weeks ago
Shahaida Lynne Shahaida Lynne . 3 weeks ago
Here it is
Samuel Shakur Samuel Shakur . 3 weeks ago
This nigga genius
Ofentse Mwase Films Ofentse Mwase Films . 3 weeks ago
I repeat this song every day!
D M D M . 3 weeks ago
I need control.... hhhhmmmm
D M D M . 3 weeks ago
You ain't felt it until you felt it sober
D M D M . 3 weeks ago
This cd is different
Kendrick Lamar is THE 🐐. The man has made me feel every emotion possible through his music. I've genuinley never felt so connected with any other art before. Not my savior but a legend for sure.
Love & Light Love & Light . 3 weeks ago
CIA CIA . 3 weeks ago
Ron H Ron H . 3 weeks ago
All the has been a journey🔥🔥🔥
Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW . 3 weeks ago
You did it, I'm proud of you, you broke a generational curse". This line hits different it brings me to tears.
HAVE-CTRL HAVE-CTRL . 4 weeks ago
we need to heal
Message Of A Nation Records Message Of A Nation Records . 4 weeks ago
A video for this please! I think the state of mental health in hiphop needs I :) xxx
Matt Penner Matt Penner . 4 weeks ago
He been the realest out there a few others now but he been the best in my generation for awhile he like combined all the styles of his legends and became one he one the most versatile wordsmiths out
Nolan Adams Nolan Adams . 4 weeks ago
I Was Sexually Abused By Family Members Of My Home, 2 Cousins 1 Family Friend (Those Three Were Males) & A Uncle Of The Family. ... Thankful For This Song, I Can Now Feel Free To Talk About This Without Having To Feel Ashamed Anymore
RONNALD RONNALD . 4 weeks ago
Does the title mean that the first verse is about his Mother. The second verse is about him (i) and the third verse is about facing all of this sober?
Tebogo Mawuku Tebogo Mawuku . 4 weeks ago
you have never felt grief, till you felt it sober.
PS3380 PS3380 . 4 weeks ago
Man Kendrick really been helping me heal myself I'm so grateful for this album
Kryptonian7 Kryptonian7 . 4 weeks ago
Man I cried on this song about 4 times. He jus let us in so tough. Man I wasn't ready for this
Goddess A Goddess A . 4 weeks ago
So I set free the hearts filled with hatred, keep our bodies sacred
As I set free all you abusers, this is transformation. Strong!!
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki . 4 weeks ago
He an INFJ❤
Ken K Ken K . 4 weeks ago
Kendrick tears 🔥❤💯
Skin Deep by Nicky Skin Deep by Nicky . 4 weeks ago
Kendrick got us doing some real shadow work! 🧘🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🔥
Mi Mi . 1 month ago
He’s speaking on the ptsd we suffer from the peaks of ouhr captivity where they wuhd strip all from us, leaving us as u find today.

He’s speaking on the crimes of Esau as he transgressed against Jacob.

Basically poetically communicating few effects of the transatlantic slave trade, some hundreds of years later.

2022, as a majority we are still wihthouht ouhr identity.
Makun us all victims in thihs song.

Ni66as, Spiks!
How do u stand so strong??

I love you Israel. Or google, Yasharahla.

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