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Published on 4 months ago

The History of Cyprus Explained in 10 minutes

The history of Cyprus explained from ancient times to modern.

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K D K D . 3 days ago
Favourite foods: Seftalia, Afelia, Koupes (basically like kibbeh) and smoked wine-Lountza.
Favourite dessert: Daktyla
Favourite places to visit: Fig tree bay beach, Konnos beach, Pano Platres, Paphos fort and Paphos open air archeological museum.
Gary hastings Gary hastings . 5 days ago
Hi you should visit my village called Pano arodes, I believe the Knights Templar named the island of Rhodes after it.
MrPolinikis MrPolinikis . 5 days ago
So when did the Cypriots start speaking Greek ?
Sam Papadopoulos Sam Papadopoulos . 5 days ago
why are you whispering
Grubby TheFarmer Grubby TheFarmer . 1 week ago
What a cool and interesting history.
Sarah Phillips Sarah Phillips . 1 week ago
I recently returned from Girne. The Meze was out of this world!
was this the phonecian trade market?
ha ha bonker again
four of the five domesticated livestock only missing chicken on a tiny elephant stomping ground?
what you mean tiny elephant?
Nikos Topouzis Nikos Topouzis . 2 weeks ago
There is no such thing as the "Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus".
In the island we'got the sovereign Republic of Cyprus and the illegally Occupied areas in the north
Bethy and Norbi Tamas Bethy and Norbi Tamas . 2 weeks ago
racist country, rude and lack of manner set of people
Zubinel Zubinel . 2 weeks ago
I've just been on holiday there! Best spot was the Blue Lagoon near Ayia Napa. Although all the other beaches there were rammed with tourists. I stayed in Limassol which was very nice.
Anubhav Anubhav . 2 weeks ago
Cyprus is an independent nation turkey 🦃 must pull back
raccoon.avi raccoon.avi . 2 weeks ago
i feel strong urge to live here one day
And the trouble goes on, we are Cypriots speaking Greek or Turkish. Speaking about Greek part and Turkish part didn´t and doesn´t do any good. We adopted greek language and culture, that doesn´t make us Greeks. We even don´t have enough Greek gens. But Cypriot, see the research and detecting of Cypriot Gen and Levantas gen. My family 97% Cypriot and 3% Levantas.
konstantinos lae konstantinos lae . 2 weeks ago
You told our country history,better than our schools!thank you
The best pork souvlaki !!!!
Tim Cavanagh Tim Cavanagh . 2 weeks ago
Great shows I just wished they were twice as long About 25minutes would be great Thank you 🙂
Kalpana P Kalpana P . 2 weeks ago
Can’t understand your accent very clearly. May be 50 percent
Nearest Nearest . 2 weeks ago
Cyprus is also like a static aircraft carrier strategically placed in the middle
I’m from northern Cyprus and we don’t like the Greeks because they made problems whit us and they do not allow people from turkey to enter greek Cyprus
Aidan B. Aidan B. . 3 weeks ago
all that just to produce leon redbone
Saranga Muhandiram Saranga Muhandiram . 3 weeks ago
Love to Cyprus is Beautiful the island the people s also very kind
tfdtfdtfd tfdtfdtfd . 3 weeks ago
Great video, up until 9:52, which does not do justice to current political situation. The Republic of Cyprus is de jure sovereign over the whole island. Although it does not exercise de facto control over the northern part, it is the only government on the island legally recognized by the United Nations. The TRNC "state" in the north is a Turkish invention and functions as a protectorate. It is only recognized by Turkey, which maintains the only "embassy" on TRNC territory. Even countries closely tied to Turkey, like Azerbaijan or Pakistan, have yet to initiate official diplomatic relations with TRNC.
Abhay Deo Mishra Abhay Deo Mishra . 3 weeks ago
Its a beautiful place, people are very nice. Beaches are good. Food is good. There are many places to visit.
Serafim Papadopoulos Serafim Papadopoulos . 3 weeks ago
η ιστορια της κυπρου ξεκιναει απτον Ιησου Χριστο και τελειωνει στον Ιησου Χριστο.γεια .
Antonio g mail Antonio g mail . 3 weeks ago
Indeed, the first and most significant civilization that developed on the island was the Minoan (Hellenic) civilization, which completely Hellenized the island around 1,500 BC. maintaining its Greek character to this day...! (despite the tribes that conquered the island, Cyprus never lost its Greek culture...)
Also in 1950 with the beginning of the revolution of the inhabitants against the British occupation, the main request was to unite the island with the main Greece... (and not just the liberation...).
Unfortunately, after 1974 and until today, 1/3 of the island is under Turkish illegal occupation, which has been condemned by the UN and all international organizations...
Anton Christian Anton Christian . 4 weeks ago
Haloumi cheese , just fantastic, washed down with Keo beer !
Georgia Kendall-Johnstone Georgia Kendall-Johnstone . 4 weeks ago
How come in the video the north part is called the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'? It is illegally occupied and so should not be known as what it was named in the video. It is not recognised by other EU nations for the reason that it is taken illegally. I would recommend that as an edit to this otherwise very informative video 👍
Mike Savvides Mike Savvides . 4 weeks ago
Why so much bias in your language?
IncodeWetrust IncodeWetrust . 4 weeks ago
all 12 kingdom names sounds greek so that means this how early the mycenean (greeks) setled there
Esoteric Arithmosophy by Evita Myriam Esoteric Arithmosophy by Evita Myriam . 4 weeks ago
You did forget to say that the Turks invaded a completely foreign territory, Cyprus, and that they installed on the Turkish part Turkish residents. They killed and threw out of their homes the people who lived there and just brought in Turkish families to live in other people's homes. The Cypriots have come to terms with this, and they are now aiming at having good and peaceful relations and unity. Yet, Turkey is acting in a provocative way towards Greece and has even published a map that portrays half of the Aegean as being Turkish.
Loizos Meliniotis Loizos Meliniotis . 4 weeks ago
I am Cypriot. its a little bit sad learning your own history from a YouTube video.
But the saddest thing is that our system teach us, from a young age, false history.
Henry Didinya Henry Didinya . 4 weeks ago
Blessed people who are among those who are loved by the Lord
Maria Petai Maria Petai . 4 weeks ago
Η Νεφερτίτη ήτανε από Κύπρο!!!...στα αρχαία Αιγυπτιακά Νεφερτίτη σημαίνει "Ο ΕΡΧΟΜΟΣ ΤΗΣ ΟΜΟΡΦΗΣ".....Σχετικά με το σημείο που αναφέρει για την απέλαση των Εβραίων από Κύπρο η ιστορία μας λέει ότι κατά την κυριαρχία των Ρωμαίων στην Κύπρο οι Εβραίοι ξεσηκώθηκαν μια νύχτα και έσφαζαν Έλληνες!!!το επόμενο πρωί όταν ο εκατόνταρχος είδε το αίμα ποτάμι απέλασε όλους τους Εβραίους από Κύπρο....μόνο δύο χωριά έμειναν με Εβραίους...η Λύση και κάποιο άλλο ορεινό χωριό
John Byrnes John Byrnes . 4 weeks ago
U talk about everything except the classical Greeks. Why? Are u from Persia or a Muslim country? 🤡
anfeild8 anfeild8 . 4 weeks ago
When I was small, I lived next to a lovely Greek Cypriot family, ,and when , my parents where late home , they use let me stay in there flat and eat some of there Greek Cypriot food, it was very kind nd of them and they always gave us present at Christmas time, I still have some of the present I got from them, letter opener, and scarf.i miss those days of very friendly neighborhood . growing up.
Ilhan Basharan Ilhan Basharan . 4 weeks ago
As a Turkish Cypriot living in London I would suggest trying şeftali kebab and eating at one of the many patisseries on the island. Our cuisine is very rich and diverse. All Cypriots love their food 😋.
Waseem Ahmed Khan Waseem Ahmed Khan . 1 month ago
Good information is long story nd victory ✌️ interesting...
Waseem Ahmed Khan Waseem Ahmed Khan . 1 month ago
Cyprus is amazing country
martin barclay martin barclay . 1 month ago
I love Cyprus, And realy enjoyed the video. although A little suprised no mention of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Cyprus being the birthplace (Petra tou Romiou) A beautiful coastline. was it left out because Greek Mythology is just a fairly tale and fake ?
Isla K Isla K . 1 month ago
Lived in Cyprus as a child when my Father was stationed there, first in Dekhalia, then after my little Brother was born we moved to a camp near Pergamos. Often visit the Island for a couple of weeks a year, always felt like a home to me. I like all the food, however I always recommend that people try Afelia if it's available. Oh and I am also a big fan of Koupes.
elf anima elf anima . 1 month ago
Do southern Cypriots Greek or Roman or namus them as Cypriots? We refere them as Rum as Roman in Turkey?
Atila Shefik Atila Shefik . 1 month ago
Yes I totally enjoy watching your video
Sophia Finucane Sophia Finucane . 1 month ago
I’m half Irish and grew up here but my mum is Cypriot and my grandad raised me on what would be considered the ‘poor food’ from his childhood when people couldn’t afford meat. I recommend trying things like fasolia, gigantes, fages and revithkia, they’re all bean based dishes either with lemon and olive oil or a rich tomato based sauce. They’re all vegan and very nutritious, and deliciously seasoned so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on meat. Mainly though they just humble me and remind me of how little my Bapou grew up with and how he learned to survive, and remind me of sitting eating them with him -some of my happiest memories <3
SASSYSledge Sister SASSYSledge Sister . 1 month ago
YE Greek long second toed individuals with o negative copper based blood are from cypress

redgrape redgrape . 1 month ago
There is no such a thing as "turkish republic of northern cyprus" .Turks invaded Cyprus and by killing and war managed to get the half of it .The only country that accepts that side as a country is turkey . European union does not accept republic of northern cyprus as a country .Cyprus is GREEK. After 1959 a referendum had showed 95 % of people in Cyprus wanted Cyprus ti be united with Greece .
Andreas Ninjas Andreas Ninjas . 1 month ago
Dear Epimetheus, plz make the CORRECT information at 10.01 as it should be: you know well that DOES NOT EXIST "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" but "Occupied part by the Turkish troops in 1974",
PLZ CORRECT, 03 September 2022, thnx
joe wood joe wood . 1 month ago
Cool video the island has a great history

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