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Published on 3 months ago

Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing Son Of The Dirty South. © 2022 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Megan Pigg Megan Pigg . 39 minutes ago
Troubled Men ...... Ha!
Robert Robert . 5 hours ago
Rachel Levy and DjKilLaBee
L Galinski L Galinski . 8 hours ago
Kick Ass song thxs ya all
Rob Thornton Rob Thornton . 2 days ago
Tough guy country will never be cool
Janine Catrett Janine Catrett . 2 days ago
This is awesome!!!! ❤️🇺🇲
Sherry and Ricky Vlogs Sherry and Ricky Vlogs . 2 days ago
Love me some Brantley Gilbert 🤟 I've been a fan every since he started singing, I know where his home town is I use to live close by in Georgia.
Jerrica Julesa Jerrica Julesa . 2 days ago
He so fye 🔥
Katelyn Neel Katelyn Neel . 2 days ago
Love this song 🎵
Larisa Schweigart Larisa Schweigart . 2 days ago
This shit hits hard fuck yeah keep up the great work guys
Adam Hill Adam Hill . 3 days ago
Knocked it outta the park with this one boys🤘🛵
Taylor Jones Taylor Jones . 4 days ago
Joe Letsgobrayden Joe Letsgobrayden . 4 days ago
I'm glad to see Brantley jelly and struggle are showing everyone else what they can really do other words their full potential now days guys like me known about them here in the dirty for years my kinda party dirt road anthem ain't no Turning down etc these guy are talented and they deserve to be where are getting to now
John Everette John Everette . 4 days ago
Been listening to jelly since 2006 and love seeing how much he's grown since I knew jelly would make it would've loved to seen stak made it too but stak ain't as intelligent as jelly and don't know how to make business moves like jelly be a jelly fan forever 💯. And I fuck with Brantley Gilbert too BG dope possibly the best of the new crop of country
Jack Bundrick Jack Bundrick . 4 days ago
Love it ❤
Laura Leggett Laura Leggett . 5 days ago
Love all song and videos two of my favorites guys love all
Sky278 Sky278 . 6 days ago
Glad to see Brantley and Jelly roll out together!! Great damn song
Jacob White Jacob White . 6 days ago
My dad doesn't care about jelly roll or bg
Lori Ann Lori Ann . 1 week ago
Dana Laughlin Dana Laughlin . 1 week ago
Love me some jelly roll keep up the work u are amazing
LInda Drewes LInda Drewes . 1 week ago
love me some country boys
Cock Head Cock Head . 1 week ago
Hank?... Hank Hill?... yup B^ l
Mary Odom Mary Odom . 2 weeks ago
Hell yeah love this song 🦋
tkasome-dud tkasome-dud . 2 weeks ago
This is my football hype song right now
The lonesome Courier The lonesome Courier . 2 weeks ago
This is one of the greatest music videos ever
I love this genre of music
Alan Martin Alan Martin . 2 weeks ago
Always been a jelly roll fan ever since all alone an before then he's proof people can change an shouldn't be judged cause we all the same people
Derek Green Derek Green . 2 weeks ago
Give props to the person flying that drone giving us this sick ass music video 😎🔥🔥🔥
Adrian Player - Sydney Mortgage Broker Adrian Player - Sydney Mortgage Broker . 2 weeks ago
I love Jelly roll!
Tactical Nomad Gaming Tactical Nomad Gaming . 2 weeks ago
never thought id see jelly roll with Brantley gilbert but fuck you guys nailed this one
Noodles Michigan Noodles Michigan . 2 weeks ago
Been down with jelly since he colab. With the demented duo TWIZTID! KEEP ON ROLLIN JELLY!
Samantha Lovin Samantha Lovin . 2 weeks ago
Mama Bear Mama Bear . 2 weeks ago
Jeff Earls Jeff Earls . 2 weeks ago
daniel peterson daniel peterson . 2 weeks ago
Somewhere between hank,three6 and kid rock🔥🔥🔥🔥
MUDDiNG4LiFE MUDDiNG4LiFE . 2 weeks ago
You have good music
Andrew Ramos Andrew Ramos . 2 weeks ago
Katie hill Katie hill . 2 weeks ago
Did this just happen! I have no words! It’s like football and chilli 😳🥰
KN tec Assistência técnica KN tec Assistência técnica . 2 weeks ago
\m/ \m/ 🇧🇷🔥
Michael Wurst Michael Wurst . 2 weeks ago
I'll put this out an on...if jelly needs anyone to build a deck and or patio for there. He's awesome and amazing. And for those few I'll go past and beyond for
Megan Pigg Megan Pigg . 2 weeks ago
Austin Pleasants Austin Pleasants . 3 weeks ago
Austin Pleasants Austin Pleasants . 3 weeks ago
Sound like some Texas shit and I’m on magic mushrooms blue devils boyyyyyy
Megan Pigg Megan Pigg . 3 weeks ago
TexanGamer13 TexanGamer13 . 3 weeks ago
Makes me wish Upchurch did a collab with BG now after this
Eric D'Amico Eric D'Amico . 3 weeks ago
Just Heard This Song 🎵 On Instagram. Holy F..K…Amazing 🎸🇺🇸 Cannot Stop Listening To This Song.
jennifer pesak jennifer pesak . 3 weeks ago
Hell yeah your momma raised a badass I love it
demon hunter demon hunter . 3 weeks ago
I don't think this guy can make a bad song I love everything this guy does
mike davis mike davis . 3 weeks ago
Very disappointed. Going from country to rap. Jelly Roll is not country. Makes me so sick to my stomach just seeing him.
Michael Cribb Michael Cribb . 3 weeks ago
Now we need a Brantley jelly struggle adam calhouln and upchurch song
Motorcycle Matthew Motorcycle Matthew . 3 weeks ago
Thank God Brantley went back to his roots!!!!
Vinter en Vinter en . 3 weeks ago
That lead tone man . The songwriting is magic . I'm not a country music guy . However Skynrd rule . But I really like Brantley and bands music , for quite some years now . Since I was fortunate enough to have it shown to me

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