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Alexander Furman

Alexander Furman

Published on 15 years ago

Beth Gibbons - Spider Monkeys

Darynka Lezark Darynka Lezark . 2 months ago
Stony Rerootkit Stony Rerootkit . 1 year ago
What a Stunning Performance!! 💥🐺😎🚨💯👅
Jhonny Miranda • Jhonny Miranda • . 2 years ago
Quisiera conocer a alguien que también disfrute tanto de esta música pero siento que somos tan pocos :'c
EYEBALL EYEBALL . 2 years ago
Yun Lim Yun Lim . 3 years ago
So great
Даутоков Шу Даутоков Шу . 3 years ago
Marek Frankowski Marek Frankowski . 3 years ago
The Music.
San Ciac San Ciac . 3 years ago
Fantastica ..BRAVAAAA
Hélène Richard Hélène Richard . 4 years ago
Love You Sooooooooo.......Never Enough....🤩😍
Mai Mohamed Mai Mohamed . 5 years ago
The Guitar 😍😍🎸🎶👌
Andrea Diaz Andrea Diaz . 5 years ago
la reina con su banda, qué hermoso
Andrea Diaz Andrea Diaz . 5 years ago
qué genia, la reina
Iván Andrés Iván Andrés . 6 years ago
alguien me explica..... es bellisimo!
Hector Hajnal Hector Hajnal . 6 years ago
It will ever beth gibbons and portishead deliver some new discography. Im kind in a hurry here and they since not to care at all. I meant how much can take to any one just do what like it the most. I love them and respect them so much but ghrrrmm they really take their time...
fernando vazquez fernando vazquez . 6 years ago
Vegan ForLife Vegan ForLife . 6 years ago
A haunting masterpiece from a complete, complimentary band.
C Ellis C Ellis . 6 years ago
Beth has only just come to my attention due to the film Little Criminals and the song on the end of that film....I had to find out what that song was and who sang it...glad I did as I am now a fan of Portishead's haunting and beautiful x
franklin franklin . 6 years ago
Beth, please we want more
Evgeny Petrov Evgeny Petrov . 6 years ago
New album, please
Thøger Emil Rivera-Thorsen Thøger Emil Rivera-Thorsen . 8 years ago
Where and when was this concert?
Ayraly84 Ayraly84 . 10 years ago
Mónica E. Hernández Mónica E. Hernández . 10 years ago
If I were Beth Gibbons I'd be always crying on stage ...
Ewan Mee Ewan Mee . 10 years ago
The second album was released on vinyl only, but you can hear the whole thing if you google then type in the search box beth gibbons acoustic sunlight and hey presto there it is...not just samples the whole album.
Jo Jo . 10 years ago
Same here!! Wow!
Adriana Romanowski Adriana Romanowski . 10 years ago
my soul is turned on!
Nabil El Jaouhari Nabil El Jaouhari . 10 years ago
This is music
Darren Covey Darren Covey . 11 years ago
Is this Portishead then? Are they orginal members missing 1 or 2 ppl?
billyboy1180 billyboy1180 . 11 years ago
WOW! beautiful track, full of all that emotion which is Beth's trade-mark plus the haunting aria-like of her hitting those high notes..Again, WOW
Barry Tomà Barry Tomà . 11 years ago
and dont buy it, its fanmade :D
Barry Tomà Barry Tomà . 11 years ago
...try searching for this torrent 1 way or another cuz its not on ZOMB anymore i believe: BETH GIBBONS & RUSTIN MAN - LIVE IN 2003 PALEO Festival Nyon, February 2003
Barry Tomà Barry Tomà . 11 years ago
@KindoMalay ...downloaded it at ZOMB TORRENTS :D
Colin Basterfield Colin Basterfield . 11 years ago
@SunblindingSnow Did you buy it online, and if so where from please? We're going to see them live here in New Zealand in a few weeks! - can't wait!
Amanda ~Davelvet Amanda ~Davelvet . 11 years ago
This video was uploaded on my birthday, what a wonderful present! Nice coincidence.
Barry Tomà Barry Tomà . 11 years ago
@KindoMalay--yeah, i have it on DVD, watching it right now :D and tripping to see PORTISHEAD day after 2morrow!!
Wife of Rankin Wife of Rankin . 12 years ago
i love you Beth so beautiful :)
the revelationist the revelationist . 12 years ago
Boy can she hit some high notes!
Benjamin Lucas Benjamin Lucas . 12 years ago
You can tell that her heart and soul is put into her music. She takes me to another place, where my heart and soul too is wrapped into this sound.
Colin Basterfield Colin Basterfield . 12 years ago
Is this footage part of a DVD release at all?
re5et re5et . 12 years ago
Wypas !!!
funknotik funknotik . 12 years ago
FUcking amazing!
Franky Gibson Franky Gibson . 12 years ago
I Agree with you if i could lay down in my coffin,
and just smell the smell of puetred dyeing roses,
i would be more alive than i ever was And Only Because Of Her!
She makes me hole out of sadness and thats a complicated gift to persue on me,
im a feeler put it that way and when i hear a melody such as poetishead
i melt in to the shadows of the candle flame and blacken my day with the sudden rain and all is left unspoken.................
wings4marie wings4marie . 12 years ago

Truly. I could happily die while listening to her voice and her words. Nothing in the world could ever compare.
Franky Gibson Franky Gibson . 12 years ago
To Be able to play a meloncholy instrument like her you would have to take all expreshion and apathy,,sorrow and memories and cast them out into and ambivalent note! there for i am only saying to look into what she has presented you,
and what you get or perhaps understand how shes feeling underneath those strings! so maby what you thought was expressionless was more meloncholy than you could ever possibly dream of?
Franky Gibson Franky Gibson . 12 years ago
She really is ive been lissoning to beth gibbons//Portishead for about 6 years now
and honestly when your in the pit of genocide the agonising meloncholy candles that only reflect yourself and not the one you admire theres nothing more intencely driven than to want to want lonely,,, and to want something like that
is as ambivalent as she is, and thats something no one could ever comepare to!
"Beautifull and slightly speachless indeed" ?
robuzy robuzy . 12 years ago
dude busted out the needle nose plyers
Joice Silva Joice Silva . 12 years ago
Beth, por favor venha fazer show aqui no Brasil.
wings4marie wings4marie . 13 years ago
As an American I'd have to say that I agree fully. ;)
srnm srnm . 13 years ago
wings4marie wings4marie . 13 years ago
She is just so incredible..This is just too beautiful for any words..
Sol das Oliveiras Leao Sol das Oliveiras Leao . 13 years ago
Actualy we can see 66% of portishead's crew in this show (beth and adrian) so I wouldn't be so adamant to say that this isn't portishead. Indeed this restriction of who is who is something that only those realy far from the ban can notice. Beth paul webb worked countless times with portishead, adrian worked countless times with paul, geoff worked countless times with massive attack so did adrian and so didi beth all of them worked with jane that worked with paul....

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