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Published on 13 years ago

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Akshay Srivastava Akshay Srivastava . 2 hours ago
Just the first song that I heard on an my first computer. It was obviously a .mp3 file played on WINAMP. And of course, started listening to Blue because all the cool guys at the school did it.
Koul Jnki Koul Jnki . 2 hours ago
Time ache achho ko give up Kara deta Hai. Confidant hona acha Hai par over confidence mar deta Hai .All the best kuch log 60 ke baad badal jate hai kuch 50 Ke baad aap ka Pata nahi.
Sumit Chauhan Sumit Chauhan . 2 hours ago
I remember i used to listen this song in my school days and after a very long time i have heard this today and still I've enjoyed this song same as before 👏❣️. Some songs never gets old ❤️
Viraj Dhodare Viraj Dhodare . 3 hours ago
Songs take us to the past
simmi simmi . 11 hours ago
If you listen to this in 2022 you have good taste in music 💛✨
Rajshekhar H Rajshekhar H . 14 hours ago
Nhóc Tiên Nhóc Tiên . 14 hours ago
Vivie PRISAY Vivie PRISAY . 16 hours ago
2022 r u here ????❤️
shajar khan shajar khan . 20 hours ago
It's almost 2023....
Abhilash achan Abhilash achan . 21 hours ago
18-08-2022 ✅
Sarita Yadav Sarita Yadav . 21 hours ago
Since the song released, till now
It's in my playlist❤
Sorry My Life Sorry My Life . 22 hours ago
2022 🥰
Varun Goyal Varun Goyal . 22 hours ago
2022 listners hit like
Mee la Mee la . 1 day ago
Me 2022 indonesia
Beauty Volver Beauty Volver . 1 day ago
If you're here in 2022 àugust i'm here 🤣
Rosa Manz Rosa Manz . 1 day ago
❤️❤️ Duncan
Eva magdalene Maria Eva magdalene Maria . 2 days ago
Fav songs during my 6th grade😍😍😍
Ashmika kushwah art and all in one Ashmika kushwah art and all in one . 2 days ago
When my father was a teen he said that this song was very popular the band blue is most popular now im his daughter and this song is amazing I just cant express my feeling to this song blue 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Achyut Pahari Achyut Pahari . 2 days ago
No. of views really don't do justice!
Aadvit and Amaira Aadvit and Amaira . 2 days ago
who is listening to this in 2022?
Harrys World Harrys World . 2 days ago
This song has special place in heart. Time will change from 2022 to 3022 but this song will be loved forever. ❤️
Chelangat Mercy Chelangat Mercy . 2 days ago
When I listen to this, one love is all that flips my mind
임재희 임재희 . 3 days ago
진심 거의 20년째 듣고 있네요
명곡! 듣노라면 잠시나마 그시절로 돌아가는듯 합니다. ㅎ
Rigwid Kumar Rigwid Kumar . 3 days ago
jessica perrier jessica perrier . 3 days ago
Cc one love 💩❤️🔥
jessica perrier jessica perrier . 3 days ago
Les mec vous êtes trop trop beaux
Luroi Taikam Luroi Taikam . 3 days ago
Wowww ❣️❣️😊😍😍😍 this song was uploaded when i was 10 year old...🥺🥺🥺..... Now iam 22 year's old....
KALKi Coming SOON KALKi Coming SOON . 3 days ago
Lâm Thồn Lâm Thồn . 3 days ago
Yuricia Ysa Matsubara Yuricia Ysa Matsubara . 3 days ago
2022 🤗🤗🤗
Exotic Queen Exotic Queen . 3 days ago
Only boy band where all members have amazing voices.
Cristian_ Glow Cristian_ Glow . 3 days ago
Cristian_ Glow Cristian_ Glow . 3 days ago
Love this song WTF 😩
Cristian_ Glow Cristian_ Glow . 3 days ago
The real masterpiece 🙌🏻
Cristian_ Glow Cristian_ Glow . 3 days ago
Thank u Jhope. Love this masterpiece 🙌🏻
Devdeep Laha Devdeep Laha . 4 days ago
Im listening in 2022...still loving it
Mrigank Ved Mrigank Ved . 4 days ago
My college days was with this song
Papaji∆ Papaji∆ . 4 days ago
i searched for that.. ☮️
Iryna Plakhuta Iryna Plakhuta . 4 days ago
My favourite from the University times
dabigchallupa1 dabigchallupa1 . 4 days ago
One Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuan Tuan Tuan Tuan . 4 days ago
Forever... Me die me die..
Yunching Suzen Yunching Suzen . 4 days ago
This song was fucking popular in india.
Yunching Suzen Yunching Suzen . 4 days ago
Finally, good song without any autotune.
Lyf for music Lyf for music . 4 days ago
You'll find comments from Indians the most here bcoz I feel this song touched our heats more than anywhere else in the world !
Anmol Rajora Anmol Rajora . 4 days ago
My Dj play this song always so I have the curiosity
dila dila dila dila . 5 days ago
Never let this song dies 🥺 one love to our memories
G. Rahul Vishnu G. Rahul Vishnu . 5 days ago
2022 🥂🌄💯♥️
Debolina Sarkar Debolina Sarkar . 5 days ago
Best song ever... 💞💞💞
Татьяна Плетнева Татьяна Плетнева . 5 days ago
I love you Blue!!!Nostalgia!!!
❤ Svetozara.❤
crazy som😎😎 crazy som😎😎 . 5 days ago
Don't have words this song is very good ♥️

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