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Joe Cool

Joe Cool

Published on 11 years ago

Beth Gibbons. Paleo 2003. (HD) 9. Candy Says (Live) (Velvet Underground Cover)

This is even better than the original by the Velvet Underground; it is truly as though the song was meant to be sung by her delicate, sweet voice,

Filip De Meyst Filip De Meyst . 2 weeks ago
I just quit smoking. This was hard to watch
C. Solís C. Solís . 1 month ago
If I could walk away from me... 🥺
Thomas Franche Thomas Franche . 1 month ago
Are the two other dudes in Portishead in the band? I think so.
LoveCat 4everxxx LoveCat 4everxxx . 5 months ago
With a cigarette 😅 best female singer in the world 💖🌟
DestrosArms DestrosArms . 9 months ago
Last words (2021)
Maximum Blaster Maximum Blaster . 1 year ago
This is a gorgeous rendition, obviously Beth's voice is a highlight as always, but gotta give credit to the whole band. The whole musicalization of the song was stunning from beginning to end.
Leon Altmark Leon Altmark . 1 year ago
It's sick, it's punk, it's beautiful, it's angelic. No human should look or sound like this. It's otherworldly. Man and woman gave birth to a angel.
Christopher Laskoski Christopher Laskoski . 1 year ago
So we're all just ignoring Adrian over on stage right?
Arnold Corns Arnold Corns . 1 year ago
Not to spoil you - but Imho the best Version ever was with Antony, Berlin live
Mark Bigelow Mark Bigelow . 1 year ago
Blech. She had to smoke while singing?
xiropigado xiropigado . 2 years ago
Great cover from a great singer
Gabriel Dall'Onder Gabriel Dall'Onder . 2 years ago
Palmas!! bravooo ! adorei heheh
Stephanie de la Torre Stephanie de la Torre . 2 years ago
best cover everrrrrrrrrr
Jan M Jan M . 2 years ago
This is hilarious.
Katrina Midgette Katrina Midgette . 3 years ago
Brought here by Chiara Bautista
Peter Leash Peter Leash . 3 years ago
bigdirtyjames bigdirtyjames . 3 years ago
No way is this better than the Velvet Underground original. Behave yourself 😉😉
Gary Shewan Gary Shewan . 3 years ago
Excellent cover. I’m a VU nut, so I can’t go past the original, but give me this over Antony’s version any day (and Antony’s is pretty decent, too).
Edward Sanchez Edward Sanchez . 3 years ago
Marry me Beth!!! I remember so clearly when I was 14 in 1994 and I 1st heard the Dummy album I fell in love with your voice.
Peter Leash Peter Leash . 3 years ago
best version of a Velvet Undergroung music
you forgot to add 'i think ' at the beginning of your statement
serge lhuillier serge lhuillier . 8 years ago
beatleneil beatleneil . 8 years ago
she singing it like shes about to burst into tears. the song itself is dramatic enough. shes overdoing it, just like anthony is overdoing it.
Raahil Bhatia Raahil Bhatia . 8 years ago
Joe buddy might wanna see lou/antony version. Still thnx 4 upl
Raahil Bhatia Raahil Bhatia . 8 years ago
This is even better than the original by the Velvet Underground-- okkkkk then.I think reading this line before listening to the song made me not like a nice cover I actually would have liked. 
Just gorgeous. I love Beth <3
Ber10D Ber10D . 8 years ago
Greatest of all vocalists Beth
R.R. von R.R. von . 9 years ago
Beautiful voice! Sad as its meant..
Uncle Yoga Uncle Yoga . 9 years ago
damn, now I have to listen the whole thing..
Joe Cool Joe Cool . 9 years ago
Thanks, but I hate eggs haha.
Fluffifi Fluffifi . 9 years ago
Fluffifi Fluffifi . 9 years ago
She's doing her own version. grapes for you?
Fluffifi Fluffifi . 9 years ago
nimatek667 nimatek667 . 9 years ago
she's covering more Anthony's version than Doug's one...
Dzil Feb Dzil Feb . 10 years ago
just tears...
Joe Cool Joe Cool . 10 years ago
Oh I'm sorry; I didn't realise it had to be a competition for me to express an opinion.
Jake Richardson Jake Richardson . 10 years ago
"even better than the original" such a bold statement, way to piss off a load of velvet underground fans before they even listen? it's not a fucking competition
Alejo Sánchez Alejo Sánchez . 11 years ago
Thank you for this, it's beautiful. She's beautiful in every way a person can be.
lande24 lande24 . 11 years ago
This is in no way better than the original.
I like her voice, but it doesn't fit this song imo.
Joe Cool Joe Cool . 11 years ago

You are most welcome :)
QQueenQQful QQueenQQful . 11 years ago
Finally ! thank you so much..
Joe Cool Joe Cool . 11 years ago

Aww I'm glad you enjoyed it. You simply must watch the entire performance, it is very magical and lovely. Especially the end. Cheers and happy holidays :)

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