Play / Download Lofi 2020 | The Best Lofi Covers of Popular Songs 2020
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Acoustic Lofi

Acoustic Lofi

Published on 2 years ago

Lofi 2020 | The Best Lofi Covers of Popular Songs 2020
Lofi 2020 | The Best Lofi Covers of Popular Songs 2020
Lofi 2020 | The Best Lofi Covers of Popular Songs 2020
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Acoustic Music Collection Acoustic Music Collection . 2 years ago
01. death bed/coffee
02. fly me to the moon
03. someone you loved
04. 'save me'
05. it's you - ali gatie
06. i don't care
07. everything i wanted
08. listen before i go
09. the scientist
10. mcr - i don't love you
11. memories
12. señorita
13. tones & i
14. good thing
15. yummy
16. physical
17. bad guy
18. shallow
19. happier
20. mcr - i don't love you
Archonach Archonach . 1 month ago
The animation gives me Ghibli vibes
Gulshan Naqvee Gulshan Naqvee . 1 month ago
Goosebumps on "FLY me to the moon" song always! Reminds me of some memory that I have forgotten for so long but still cant remember it.
Nha Nguyen LT Nha Nguyen LT . 2 months ago
better stay here than being in a toxic relafionship
M4U Lofi M4U Lofi . 2 months ago
Safe to say, The Lo-Fi community is the most peaceful and beautiful community ever. No drama, no fights, no cussing each other out.
Justus Dinut Justus Dinut . 3 months ago
Does anyone know where to find this version of deathbed/cup of coffee?
Jana Farshoukh Jana Farshoukh . 4 months ago
Good luck to everyone one with tests/exams/homework whatever, hope you all pass with flying colours :))
Nile Lynch Nile Lynch . 5 months ago
I love how you have like the perfect chill moonlight bathing vibes. Then out of no where there is just an energetic ukulele melody.
Marcus Paredes Marcus Paredes . 6 months ago
I love this music so much, it inspires me everyday
Protocol Savage Protocol Savage . 6 months ago
ngl im still pretty sure that end song is the home depot track
Kian Kian . 6 months ago
Ayo u stole from Lofi Girl
biomade biomade . 6 months ago
biomade biomade . 6 months ago
biomade biomade . 6 months ago
LamaToutGris LamaToutGris . 8 months ago
32:40 what is the song pls ?
Shrestha /Beast Shrestha /Beast . 8 months ago
Seriously very soft music
Relaxing Music Relaxing Music . 9 months ago
I love these beats. Hope that one day I will reach this quality of content.
Arthur Ferreira Arthur Ferreira . 9 months ago
Could have put the song names in the description
One Star EPIC VN One Star EPIC VN . 10 months ago
the lofi community is literally the most positive and aesthetic community ever
Al-Kun Al-Kun . 10 months ago
what is the song around 50:00
Mukarram Alblueshi Mukarram Alblueshi . 12 months ago
ariel cheyanne ariel cheyanne . 1 year ago
best vid
Anushka Anushka . 1 year ago
Every song is pure bliss except senorita✨
bluntbluetea bluntbluetea . 1 year ago
I love this playlist but I hate how it ends 😭 the music at the end annoys the hell out of me! (Sorry) I really do love it otherwise 💚👍
Fugee Fugee . 1 year ago
here is a LOFI cover i made for "Sting - Shape of my heart"
hope you like and support (:
Beluga frogg Beluga frogg . 1 year ago
top 5 best songs on the list
0:00 :fly me to the moon
3:09 :death bed
6:02 :someone you loved
9:10 :save me
11:54 :its you
Arun Joseph Arun Joseph . 1 year ago
All songs are great, except señorita. This lofi version of the song is just bad
CADES CADES . 1 year ago
i love listening to this while writing
Anyone with exams coming up I wish you all the best 😘 you will smash it!
Nathália Paz Nathália Paz . 1 year ago
That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks !! ❤️✨🇧🇷
WolfGaming WolfGaming . 1 year ago
0:00-3:07 (fly me to the moon)
3:07-6:07 (death bed)
6:07-9:11 (someone you love)
9:11-11:53 (save me)
11:53-15:14 (it's you)
Zanahoriojandro Pelirroji Zanahoriojandro Pelirroji . 1 year ago
44:37 it was mind blowing
Ricard Abella Arasa Ricard Abella Arasa . 1 year ago
Is there a Spotify with these songs?
MM 07 MM 07 . 1 year ago
No copyrights???
sol!! sol!! . 2 years ago
I am absolutely in love with this, thank you so much for making this! 10/10 would recommend
Minesh Nissanka Minesh Nissanka . 2 years ago
LinhThatsME LinhThatsME . 2 years ago
Im hearing that while texting my bf :,)
MrBotteh MrBotteh . 2 years ago
can i say that left handed people are rare. unless this vid is mirrored. my opinion about them wont change. thanks for always giving nice vibes.
Liam Jackson Liam Jackson . 2 years ago
theres one of the songs that when i went usa it was so popular
Zully Pincay Zully Pincay . 2 years ago
me encanta
Cee Cee . 2 years ago
Music level is too low... Can u please improve the volume thanksss
Denis Cepaka Denis Cepaka . 2 years ago
ending music so judment!!!!
Manolo Manolo . 2 years ago
is the best!!!
Axel Van Der Aa Axel Van Der Aa . 2 years ago
this is amazing though i would love timestamps still an amazing job
Noah Kennedy Noah Kennedy . 2 years ago
This is amazing
Nur Suhana Che Suhaimi Nur Suhana Che Suhaimi . 2 years ago
Can i know where you get the wallpaper
Jean Francisco Jean Francisco . 2 years ago
Sooo calming 😌😌😌😌🖤
Happy Fortune Studio Happy Fortune Studio . 2 years ago
Shoutout to my fellow lofi producers!
Weeping Cat Weeping Cat . 2 years ago
Love it thank you 🥰
Everton Lopes Everton Lopes . 2 years ago
outro que eu gostei muito ( ͡ᵔ ᴗ͡ᵔ )👌

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