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Published on 7 months ago

Most Popular Song Each Month since January 2010 ⚠️ FULL VIDEO ⚠️ UPDATED VERSION

Guess the song by emoji in 10 seconds 2022 🔥 -

In this video you will see the most popular songs for each month from 2010. I put these songs next to the date they became more popular, although this is not very accurate as the success was different in each country and I did not want to repeat any songs. The release date has nothing to do with placement.

Write the name of your favorite songs in the comments. I will put likes on all your comments. Interesting ones will be included in the video!

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MTG MTG . 7 months ago
N O S T A L G I A .

Quinn Morrison Quinn Morrison . 2 hours ago
March 2016 was my favorite time period omg. It also helps that work was so popular then.
MatthewXD69 MatthewXD69 . 3 days ago
you should have put juice wrld in the 2017 age cause his song was very popular
CameronTheFunnyGamer CameronTheFunnyGamer . 3 days ago
Just like what I said in the 2010-2021 video, but in a nutshell

Classic music = n o s t a l g i a. *period*
(Also, at 12:17 the transition from Roddy Ricch’s song to The Weeknd’s song and to Saint JHN’s song is perfect, even if it’s unintentional👌)
Jiro Pardun Jiro Pardun . 1 week ago
Rihanna hits different
Jiro Pardun Jiro Pardun . 1 week ago
2014 is so great and nastalgic
Fkez05 Fkez05 . 2 weeks ago
Surprised that Heat Waves beat Where Are You Now for January

I've only really heard Heat Waves on the Internet, but I remember all through January and even into February Where Are You Now was always on the radio
Tyler Lee Tyler Lee . 2 weeks ago
and rockabye
Tyler Lee Tyler Lee . 2 weeks ago
i abasoluty love these songs especially tik tok kesha
CoolTeen28 CoolTeen28 . 2 weeks ago
I’m actually very shocked about finally finding out who some of those 2nd voices were
GideonMe 27 GideonMe 27 . 2 weeks ago
Waiting on a update we’re in September. Pls
Amelia_104 Amelia_104 . 2 weeks ago
Ronilda Ronilda . 2 weeks ago
I have heard all this songs
Brett peeters Brett peeters . 2 weeks ago
Damn, where has the time gone?
Lydz Lydz . 3 weeks ago
No Beyoncé ?!?
XlR8 XlR8 . 4 weeks ago
Weird how the songs have more energy and beat than modern day songs, past the golden age of the 2000's everything will be trash music vise, like no joke
Quicksilver Quicksilver . 4 weeks ago
Don't know how bad and boujee, sicko mode and x0 tour llif3 aren't here. Anti hiphop agenda once again
AMogus AMogus . 4 weeks ago
Please update
Dark Gamer Dark Gamer . 1 month ago
2012 was a vibe bro
Penguin_ESC Penguin_ESC . 1 month ago
my month always has great songs
except 2021
Noel Winters Noel Winters . 1 month ago
For anyone who has seen the original video here’s where the updated part comes in 14:06
potato potato . 1 month ago
If you had nostalgia.
potato potato . 1 month ago
Music went bad at jan. 2020
potato potato . 1 month ago
Remember back in the day when he was good? 11:12
Crazy Alf Crazy Alf . 1 month ago
*2020 was an awful year, but one I kinda enjoyed, I got to spend all day with my friends school was out and most games were in their prime music was great and it was fun at times.*
Jhonny plays Jhonny plays . 1 month ago
The 2021 are when K-pop becomes famous
Dhruv kumar Akole Dhruv kumar Akole . 1 month ago
Let's be honest : We heard these more than thousand times
I'm surprised My ears are still with me after playing same wavelength and frequency on repeat lol!
Nice compilation Good job

Ig he just copy pasted my Spotify Playlist lol 😂
Fade Cole Fade Cole . 1 month ago
August 2018, trav robbed tbh…
potato potato . 1 month ago
Music went downhill at the beginning of 2020
- Sweet Emy - - Sweet Emy - . 1 month ago
omg twice and lisa in blackpink ahhhh
Madchallenge Madchallenge . 1 month ago
this is so funny i accidently singed wap and i hope my mom didnt hear it
Sweethv mm Sweethv mm . 1 month ago
14:18 Money by Lisa.
Madal Liga Madal Liga . 1 month ago
where is sign of the times?
TheThingsNerd TheThingsNerd . 1 month ago
4:06 - 4:30 is godly.
a person a person . 1 month ago
Oh wow. Through this video i finally know all the names of so many songs that i only knew the tune of
Mohja Mohja . 1 month ago
2010 was LIT
Darth Vader 66 Darth Vader 66 . 2 months ago
You skipped uptown Funk
Blooming_Flower96 Blooming_Flower96 . 2 months ago
It was a long time that European music was the only one that could deal with US Singers but since 2020, Korea is getting on all of them! Kpop and I hope lot more will follow like Japanese, Chinese, music from the African continent and south and Latin America ❤️
Terminator007forever Terminator007forever . 2 months ago
u forgot lucid dreams by juice wrld
I’m a big Nerd I’m a big Nerd . 2 months ago
Black beetles introduced rap, in my feeling introduced cringe that started on musically (rip 🫡)
April Walker April Walker . 2 months ago
And it is special
April Walker April Walker . 2 months ago
And my birthday in April
April Walker April Walker . 2 months ago
I was name after the month
April Walker April Walker . 2 months ago
My month is april. And it aways been favorite month because my name is April
Вадим Горобец Вадим Горобец . 2 months ago
October 2021 was really that bad lol
Swey_nkedits Sweynki Swey_nkedits Sweynki . 2 months ago
💝Miss perfect not💝 💝Miss perfect not💝 . 2 months ago
I remember the songs
Prio Prio . 2 months ago
Heat waves 2020
𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙬𝙞𝙨𝙚 𝙬𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙬𝙞𝙨𝙚 . 2 months ago
now it’s for sure running up that hill
the internet has ruined me the internet has ruined me . 2 months ago
Love how 2010 is just women and Bruno Mars lol

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