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Published on 6 years ago

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PaulOrientedotcom PaulOrientedotcom . 1 year ago
Still an AWESOME song Jaron! Today, this came up on my recommended to watch as I was working towards going to my channel analytics. Hope you are well brother.
Raf Ael Raf Ael . 2 years ago
Still here
hriata renthlei hriata renthlei . 4 years ago
Awesome ..
PaulOrientedotcom PaulOrientedotcom . 4 years ago
Very cool Jaron! Soon, I believe your music will be seen and heard in a very large way. I added this one to the Music Playlist on our channel.
Ray Almanza Ray Almanza . 4 years ago
The voice brought me here!
Zoraya Sanchez Zoraya Sanchez . 5 years ago
My dance teacher is in that music video the girl with freckles she is a great dancer
Venture with Vanessa Venture with Vanessa . 5 years ago
I'm jammin to this right now :)
Michael Velesovsky Michael Velesovsky . 5 years ago
Amazing! Need more music like this in the industry! Keep it up
Kasey Kucera Kasey Kucera . 5 years ago
Connie Jones Connie Jones . 6 years ago
Oh yeah... you nailed it👍
Minutes & Years Minutes & Years . 6 years ago
atta boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Grace Bailey Grace Bailey . 6 years ago
This is so good! I can't wait to see where life takes you, I can honestly see you being the next big thing.
BI MA BI MA . 6 years ago
This song came on my Pandora and at first I skipped it but after hearing only 4 seconds of it I was hooked. Amazing song and really great vocals.
Benjamin Foster Benjamin Foster . 6 years ago
wow i have to get this album!! i am feeling his music!! he is gonna blow up soon!!
beckyjones925 beckyjones925 . 6 years ago
This is amazing!
Света Новикова Света Новикова . 6 years ago
Where can I read the lyrics?
lily anna lily anna . 6 years ago
great song :)
btw I'm Elliot's cousin from NC :))
feli da blues mizo Hmar feli da blues mizo Hmar . 6 years ago
love ur voice. the song is nice too. i am from mizoram, india. i follow you in instagram. can't wait to listen to ur new song freedom. u r da best👍👍👍👍
shea currie shea currie . 6 years ago
Love your voice, it's amazing!
Ethan Markel Ethan Markel . 6 years ago
Barbara De Stefano Barbara De Stefano . 6 years ago
Hi!i'm italian, I found you through Instagram ;)
Compliments!!this song is really addictive :)
Eva Razia Eva Razia . 6 years ago
I love it so much! This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.
Jaismin Dhillon Jaismin Dhillon . 6 years ago
OMG your so good!!! love your songs!
iShow TV iShow TV . 6 years ago
this song this song is addictive damn and i'm watching in Kenya
Ashley Michelle Ashley Michelle . 6 years ago
killin' it man
Hhdjamxbaks Jkglnu Hhdjamxbaks Jkglnu . 6 years ago
you have a amazing voice and I love your song so much❤
nat_ gmbs nat_ gmbs . 6 years ago
omg your voice is amazing this is my new favourite songg!!!! <3 #Jaron4Life
Caitlyn Ingham Caitlyn Ingham . 6 years ago
Love your voice and the song and the video
Todd Jordan Todd Jordan . 6 years ago
very impressed. Jeremy told us that you were singing but i didn't expect this. wow
Thiện nguyễn Thiện nguyễn . 6 years ago
OMG!!!!!!!!! I love that song. It's so good and awsome
Josia Clementius Josia Clementius . 6 years ago
please dont be like justin bieber when youre famous
Sarra Aoueme Sarra Aoueme . 6 years ago
loved it <3 *-*
aafreen asif aafreen asif . 6 years ago
seriously.... you're gonna go places !!!!! all the love & support😊😊👍👍😄😅
aafreen asif aafreen asif . 6 years ago
AMAZING !!!!! Great work !! keep it up !!! just .. love your voice.... sorry for the late reply......😘😘👍👍👍👌👌
Keyz Bridges Keyz Bridges . 6 years ago
This is an amazing record!!! Yeah Jaron!!!
Danielle Brinton Danielle Brinton . 6 years ago
Love it!
Rebecca Gillis Rebecca Gillis . 6 years ago
I caught my boyfriend listening to your song the other day....I was like "Wait, isn't that my friend Jaron's song?"! LOL

Angga D. Wibowo Angga D. Wibowo . 6 years ago
Your voice is unique and I like it .
Stay Humble, Man !
Jon Santangelo Jon Santangelo . 6 years ago
Nice! Amazing how far you've gone.
Mary Charles Mary Charles . 6 years ago
So catchy!! I'm obsessed
Bob Strom Bob Strom . 6 years ago
Saudia Tate, it is in Spotify and iTunes.
Saudia Tate Saudia Tate . 6 years ago
didn't even now you were coming out with original music! came straight from Vine to YouTube... now to iTunes! (:
Tamery Stafford Tamery Stafford . 6 years ago
Love the lyrics>message and arrangement. Video is beyond awesome, I'm glad it showcased your talent! Thanks for giving Hudson this opportunity. FAVOR over you!
James K James K . 6 years ago
Just great!
Noelia Villegas Noelia Villegas . 6 years ago
Great! :)
Rachel Kneale Rachel Kneale . 6 years ago
This song is on Spotify!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Kneale Rachel Kneale . 6 years ago
I was your original channels 11th subscriber and followed you early on, on vine. I can't wait to hear your music on the radio! Top 40
Mohammed Saif Mohammed Saif . 6 years ago
you'll go miles dude.... best wishes and awesome song by the way.... :)
Ray Almanza Ray Almanza . 6 years ago
wow! this song is awesome! #jaronstrom #truth #premiere #jaronstromvevo
Angel Digregorio Angel Digregorio . 6 years ago
good as fuck, you'll be a hit.

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